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Rooftops, boats, and booze: the bar crawls you need to do this Summer

So that you don't embarrass yourself this Summer by making all your friends go on some terrible bar crawl that goes up and down the same unimpressive block, we've rounded up three of the MOST EPIC bar crawls we've ever put together. 

Check 'em out below, pretend they were your idea, and get to work on your city tan.

The Ferry Crawl

We plotted out eight stops-worth of food-filled, booze-soaked Ferry Bar Crawling (the real reason Noah invented boats), with everything from backyard beer gardens and hammocks, to crazy Brazilian dance parties and one of the best beer bars in the city. Get the route...

The Rooftop Crawl

Sure, there are awesome rooftops all over the damn city, but this glorious bar crawl takes you from the East River to the Hudson River without setting foot in a ground-level establishment. Whatever you do though, only click through if you like drinking beers on top of an Italian supermarket or eating Korean BBQ on the top floor of an office building. Get the route...

The Distillery Crawl

Have you seen all the craft liquor-makers popping up all over the city? Well even if you haven't, this'll catch you up: we very carefully plotted out every single one of them (to minimize walking) into TWO epic crawls, which automatically give you plans for the entire weekend. Perfect. See the route...

Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NYC Editor and he thinks there's nothing quite like a good bar crawl on a nice day. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.