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You can now get crazy-strong alcoholic slushies illegally on Instagram

Screw #selfies of you dressed as organic kale -- there's a new reason to actually use Instagram. And that reason is Phrosties: alcoholic slushies that're apparently seriously strong (like, wait-is-this-grain-alcohol???-strong), that some booze pirates will sort of not-legally deliver to you in NYC and Westchester County, any time of day for $10 (plus tip).

To get your hands on some boozy brain-phreeze (which comes in flavors like Tsunami Sunrise, La Phiesta, The Hero, Tropical Sunrise, Dragonberry Colada, and Volcanic Paradise), text the number on the Phrostie Instagram account and work out your drop off details (obviously this thing is cash-only). Long story short: your Wednesday just got way weirder.

Julie Cerick is an Editorial Assistant at Thrillist and doesn't think $10 is a fair price for essentially grain alcohol and mixed up Kool Aid. But she'll still spend it. Send her some Tsunami Sunrise via Twitter.