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Act like a diamond level skier in slope-less Manhattan

Want to capture the spirit of an Aspen getaway without any of the snow, cumbersome equipment, or actual skiing? If you call NYC home you're in luck because New York's hottest trend is ski lodge-themed rooftop bars

Three hotels are leading the charge in tented wannabe lodges: Hudson Hotel, The Americano Hotel, and Haven. Over at Hudson (above), they've revamped their courtyard into a watering hole with taxidermied animal heads and even foam-blowing snow machines

Americano's top level lounge Conosur is big on the whole sheepskin thing -- pelts drape over the stools by the heated pool and the chairs in the dining room, where you can order a 90-day-old ribeye or rum and espresso cocktail

And Haven has their "Ski Chalet", a wondrous bar that features ski bunny waitresses, candy cane martinis, and -- most importantly -- the Ski Shot. Find three brave companions and you can take shots of chilled vodka off an actual ski

Better hurry: Once the season's over these cozy "lodges" go back to boring old "rooftop bars" and you can no longer act out scenes from Better Off Dead.