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Summer Rooftop Bar Crawl Season is Coming to NYC

Published On 05/05/2015 Published On 05/05/2015

There are few cities in the world where you can get spectacular views while enjoying a million delicious drinks on top of a building, but you can do this in NYC, and you can do it well. To help with this lofty endeavor, this June, a swanky rooftop bar crawl service is making it even easier to hit up a bunch of the city's highest bars and clubs.

Rooftop Crawl, now in its second year, said it is now taking a limited amount of reservations for this summer's rooftop bar crawls. They promise "exclusive arrangements" and special food and drink specials at several rooftop venues like 230 Fifth, Attic Rooftop, Empire Rooftop, Sky Room, Gansevoort Park, Hudson Terrace, Monarch Rooftop, Top of the Strand, and more. But -- and this is a big but -- you'll have to pay up.

Currently, there are three types of ticket packages ranging from $25 to $45 for individuals and as much as $450 for groups, each with a specific lineup of destinations throughout the night and drink specials priced below your typical sky-high rooftop rates, according to Rooftop Crawl. People on the crawl are alerted via text when the group is moving, and Rooftop Crawl is even offering a deal with Uber for 10% off rides to help take the crawling out of the bar crawl. Or, you can always go on a more traditional NYC bar crawl that won't cost anything more than your drinks and MTA fare, like this crawl to Manhattan's 10 oldest bars

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and needs to get out to some rooftops this summer for those amazing views ... and drinks! Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.



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