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5 booze-filled ways to get involved in The Manhattan Cocktail Classic

Published On 05/08/2014 Published On 05/08/2014
Manhattan Cocktail Classic
Filip Wolak

The Manhattan Cocktail Classic: It’s the premiere drinking event of the year, and it’s kicking off this weekend when bars and bartenders all over the city will channel Brian Flanagan (minus the flair, and the poems, and Elisabeth Shue) for five days of fan-fudging-tastic cocktailing.

Gabi Porter

Get VIP tickets to The Gala
This is the centerpiece event of the whole thing, and it goes down in the New York Public Library on 5th Ave. The VIP ticket gets you an extra hour in the event, which you’ll need to even make a dent in the 25,000 cocktails being served that night. Tickets here, tux required.

Filip Wolak

SWIG N' SWINE at Union Pool
Presented by The Bon Vivants and Imbibe Magazine on May 11th, this backyard event aims to get like-minded cocktail lovers in the same place with “pigs, punch, live music, games, and good friends”. You look like you could use a clickable link

Manhattan Cocktail Classic

The World's Largest Hand-Muddled Caipirinha
The penthouse at the Mondrian SoHo is honoring Brazil, the World Cup, and Cachaça by mixing up the world’s largest Brazilian beach drink in a “vessel that’s meant to evoke a soccer ball”. Annnnnd details

Manhattan Cocktail Classic

The Most Utterly Peculiar Garnish Challenge Invitational
Extra Fancy is playing host for a clutch of bartenders looking to show off their garnish skills on May 12th, in a competition for the “Golden Cucumber”, which we hope is a trophy. Attend here

Salvation Taco

Salvation Taco’s Rooftop Tequila Party
Skip the F out of work and bask in the glow of sunshine, tequila, deep-cut mezcal and tequila knowledge, and eats on the Midtown hotel’s stunning roof. What are you waiting for??

Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NY Editor, and he thinks a Blood & Sand is the cocktail with the coolest name. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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1. New York Public Library 5th Ave, New York, NY 10018 (Midtown)

Reading is fundamental, and this place is packed -- 53 million items! -- with the stuff to giveth you knowledge. Besides that, it's been featured in a ton of movies like Spider-Man and Escape From New York, plus TV shows like Seinfeld.

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2. Union Pool 484 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

This spacious Williamsburg spot is almost always packed with a friendly, hip crowd. The name of the game here: tacos and tequila. A taco truck on the back patio serves delicious, cheap tacos, and gives the outdoor space a California vibe. The bartenders are quick and knowledgeable, and take care to create refreshing cocktails.

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3. Mondrian SoHo 9 Crosby St, New York, NY 10013 (Soho)

This upscale SoHo hub is known for catering to well-known celebs as well as anyone who's eager to stay in the fashion epicenter of NYC. With beautiful, modern decor and great service, it's no wonder it's acclaimed.

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4. Extra Fancy 302 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Williamsburg's Extra Fancy serves fried, grilled, and raw seafood, like fish & chips and lobster bisque fries, plus a notable secret sauce-topped burger. It's open late -- until 2am every night -- and its special late-night menu will have you covered should you ever get a midnight lobster roll craving. The brick-and-wood interior is reminiscent of a New England seafood shack, albeit a hipster one.

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5. Salvation Taco 145 E 39th St, New York, NY 10016 (Murray Hill)

April Bloomfield's all-day restaurant in Midtown is doling out high-end Mexican street food plates in an insanely decorated space. The menu features plenty of traditional and inventive tacos, available three-per-order or as a more formal dinner, and shareable fusion plates like sticky rice tamale and meatballs with manchego cheese. The Murray Hill restaurant is a hit during the after-work hours, especially when the rooftop is open.



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