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The Best Coffee Shop Near Every Manhattan Subway Stop

Published On 03/29/2016 Published On 03/29/2016
Manhattan coffee subway map
Jennifer Bui/Thrillist

Once upon a time, bleary-eyed New Yorkers had to resort to Chock full o'Nuts and deli-brew to make it through the day, but in today’s New York, it’s nearly impossible to walk down the street without tripping over chalkboard signs touting fancy pour-overs and single-origin espresso. Though, just because it’s possible to grab a cup no matter where you are, doesn't mean every place is going to be good. So to aid you in finding the best specialty cafes within a few minutes' walk of your subway stop, we present the NYC Coffee Subway Map.

Click here to see the full map, and scroll down to to see it line-by-line.

Editor's Note: We didn’t include stops that didn’t have a great coffee place within five minutes walking distance. 

Jennifer Bui/Thrillist

1, 2, 3

215th St - Indian Road Cafe
207th St - Darling Coffee
157th/Broadway - Taszo
145th/Broadway - The Chipped Cup
137th/City College - Lenox Coffee
125th/Broadway - Kuro Kuma
116th-Columbia - Nous Espresso
103rd/Broadway - Plowshares
79th/Broadway - Irving Farm
72nd/Broadway - Box Kite UWS
66th-Lincoln Center - Joe Coffee Company
59th/Columbus Circle - Rex
Times Square - Cafe Grumpy
34th St-Penn Station - Culture Espresso
28th St - Gregorys
23rd St/7th Ave - Rex
18th St - The Commons
14th St - Toby's Estate
Christopher St - The Elk
Houston St/Varick St - Prodigy Coffee
Canal St/Varick St - FIKA
Franklin St/Varick St - Kaffe 1668 North
Chambers St/W Bway - Kaffe 1668 South
Rector St - Bean & Bean

Jennifer Bui/Thrillist

4, 5, 6

86th St - Bluestone Lane (café)
77th St - Joe Coffee Company
68th St-Hunter College - Shakespeare and Co
59th St - Little Collins
51th St - Pennylane
42nd St-Grand Central - Cafe Grumpy
33rd St - Gregorys Coffee
28th St - Birch Coffee
14th St-Union Square - Everyman Espresso
Astor Place - City of Saints
Bleecker St - The Smile
Spring St - Happy Bones
Canal St - Café Integral
Brooklyn Bridge City Hall - Birch Coffee
Fulton St - Voyager Espresso
Wall St - Bluestone Lane
Bowling Green - Gregorys Coffee

Jennifer Bui/Thrillist

A, C, E

Inwood/207th St - Darling Coffee
181st St/Fort Washington Ave - Cafe Buunni
145th St/St Nick Ave - Manhattanville Coffee
116th St/8th Ave - Double Dutch Espresso
96th St/CPW - Birch Coffee
86th St/CPW - Joe Coffee Company
81st St-Museum of Natural History - Irving Farm Coffee Roasters
72nd St - Box Kite
59th St-Columbus Circle - Rex
50th St - Kahve
42nd St-Port Authority - Café Grumpy
34th St-Penn Station - Culture Espresso
23rd St - Intelligentsia
14th St - Ninth Street Espresso
West 4th St - Third Rail
Spring St - Ground Support
Canal St - Everyman Espresso
Chambers St - Kaffe 1668
Fulton St - Voyager Espresso

Jennifer Bui/Thrillist

B, D, F, M

57th Street - Knave
47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Center - Blue Bottle
42nd St-Bryant Park - Blue Bottle
34th St-Herald Square - Culture Espresso
23rd St/6 Ave - Joe Pro Shop
14th St/6 Ave - Birch Coffee
West 4th St - Third Rail
Broadway-Lafayette - Gimme! Coffee
2nd Ave - Abraço
Delancey St/Essex St - El Rey
East Broadway - Café Grumpy
Grand St - Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

Jennifer Bui/Thrillist

J, Z

Delancey St/Essex St - El Rey
Bowery - Gimme! Coffee
Canal St - Café Integral
Chambers St - FIKA
Fulton St - Voyager Espresso
Broad St - Gregorys Coffee

Jennifer Bui/Thrillist


8th Ave/14 St - Ninth Street Espresso
6 Ave/14 St - Birch Coffee
Union Square - Everyman Espresso
3rd Ave - Third Rail
1st Ave - Box Kite

Jennifer Bui/Thrillist

N, Q, R

5th Ave/59th St - FIKA
Times Square - Café Grumpy
34th St-Herald Square - Culture Espresso
28th St - Stumptown Coffee
23rd St - Toby's Estate
14 St-Union Square - Everyman Espresso
8th St-NYU - Joe Coffee Company
Prince St - Ground Support
Canal St - Café Integral
City Hall - Birch Coffee
Cortlandt St - Irving Farm Coffee Roasters
Rector St - Bean & Bean
Whitehall St/South Ferry - Latte Art

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Liz Clayton is a coffee writer and photographer living in Brooklyn, New York. She's the associate editor of coffee website, and is currently working on a guide to coffee shops around the world for Phaidon.



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