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Four different styles of varying foam, all from the same tap

First off, if you haven't been to Hospoda, it's worth it just to see the room lit up at night, it's pretty crazy and awesome

Secondly, they've got one of the coolest and most interesting tap systems in the city. It's called the Quadrunner, and the way it pours allows you to make one type of beer taste four completely different ways depending on how you do it

On the right is Frank. Usually he'll just be expertly pouring your beers for you, but for Beer Week (through Sunday, 3/3) they're letting peeps behind the bar to learn how to do it themselves. First lesson: it's a lot harder than you think

Lesson two: the amount of foam is controlled by the degree of the horizontal tap handle. Leave it at 45 degrees and you get one that's all foam. Which is actually a good thing. It's called the "Sweet" and it tastes like incredibly airy beer frosting

Also for the first time, they're applying their techniques to beers other than Pilsner Urquell. This is the Brooklyn Chocolate Stout that's been Sweet poured and tastes like a "fluffy cake"

The next one is the Slice and it's a varsity pour. Thru a series of turns and half turns you're meant to get a highly sessionable pour with about four fingers of head and "a refined bitterness and a velvety mouthfeel"

Yeah, that one is probably best left to Frank. This the best we could do, but it was still delicious

The Creme Urquell slightly less complicated, and is the quintessential pour of beer. Give this a shot if you want to feel like you've learned something

The easiest to do -- but the least common -- is the Neat. Just open the tap all the way, tilt the cup, and fill. It's the least filling and is best drank with a heavy meal.