A Milk & Honey you can actually get inside

Sasha Petraske's Milk & Honey may have ushered in the speakeasy renaissance, but Little Branch has always been his greatest gift to the everyman, going so far as to actually list its phone number. And while the warm yellow hues, copious booths, and grand piano being utilized by a live jazz trio won't be confused for the shoebox-sized M&H, the attention to alcoholic detail has been carried over. Photo: VadaRamblesAndSings

First things first: instead of hiding behind a faux dry cleaner storefront, LB maintains an air of anonymity by dwelling underneath an unmarked door on the corner of Leroy and 7th Ave South, the only indication of its existence often being a dapper gentleman sitting on a stool manning the graffiti'd door, and a line of sobering people silently hating him

Photo: Michael Kirby

Once inside you can hone in on one of those booths, but the best option is to post up at the bar, where in lieu of a physical menu a bartender wearing suspenders and mustache wax will simply ask you what kind of spirit you're in, then set about building a cocktail from an encyclopedic list of classics and modern hits alike.