Beer bar, coffee house... arcade -- this place has EVERYTHING

Upright Brew House

Like when you find that sandwich in the back of your fridge at 4a, sometimes exactly what you want can stay hidden until you take a closer look. That principle has never been truer than with Upright Brew House, which from the street seems to be a cozy, unassuming West Village cafe -- which it is! -- but when inspected thoroughly, reveals a basement full of pinball machines and off-menu grilled cheese.

Upright Brew House

This is the upstairs -- very cafe-y, right? Well you can settle in for excellent morning coffees, or use their wifi to get some work done, but you should also know...

Upright Brew House

... that the lattes have little drawings on them! But ALSO...

Upright Brew House

... that they've got a serious beer program. You can grab "growlers" that are actually milk cartons, bottles like Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales' Madrugada Obscura, and taps including Habanero Sculpin IPA from Ballast Point (1), Apollo Wheat from Sixpoint (2), Boulder's Hazed and Infused (3), and their NYC beer of choice right now: Singlecut's Alex Biere Du Soleil (4).

Coffee Cocktails - Upright Brew House

The Ike Davis: a genius coffee-shandy of cold brew and He'Brew Hop Manna. It's not hitting .198.

Pinball at Upright Brew House

We promised there would be pinball machines, and here they are: Monster Bash, the essentialTerminator 2 game with the gun that shoots the ball, and The Addams Family, which many consider to be the finest game of all time without a gun that shoots the ball.

Upright Brew House

Go all the way to the back and then head down the steps to locate the subterranean wonderland.

Fried Chicken Sandwich - Upright Brew House

If you find time between sampling delicious brews and totally breaking 80mil on The Addams Family, they've also got Southern-touched noshes including this head-turner of a fried chicken sandwich.

Grilled Cheese at Upright Brew House
Adam Lapetina

A four-cheese house blend with herb butter, the grilled cheese is delicious, BUT, if you ask really nicely, they may make you the off-menu Beer Cheese Grilled Cheese...

... which is made made with cheddar, cream cheese, pale ale, and various spices, and oozes oozeability.

Fish & Chips at Upright Brew House

The fish & chips are lightly tempura'd fillets of day-boat cod served with malt vinegar, fries, and house-made tartar sauce. They don't serve this at Starbucks.

Burger At Upright Brew House

As delicious as it is necessary, the Prime Angus Steak Burger with cheese and bacon goes great with beer and pinball... and also beer cheese.