Why You Should Make Ready-to-Drink Cocktails Your Halloween Hosting Hack

Courtesy of Loyal 9

Halloween is just around the corner, and to say we’re ready is an understatement. Not only has this been the year of catching up on everything we missed in 2020, we’re also excited to see the costumes that everyone has spent two years dreaming up. But with all the planning and prep that’ll go into hosting this year, there’s one super-simple hack that’ll make your life easier: canned cocktails. These are our latest obsession, and brands like Loyal 9 are standing out as the favorites for anyone throwing a shindig.

You’ll spend more time on your costume, not on drinks

We get it, it’s fun to create some neon green cocktail with dry ice that smokes out the top or looks like brains coming out of a pumpkin head. Unfortunately, the vision tends to be better than the execution, and you could end up with a not-so-great tasting drink that will have your guests making runs to the liquor store. The alternative: a ready-to-drink cocktail made from real lemons, real vodka, and with flavors that taste like spooky season. Skip the Instagram-y punch and spend that extra time prepping your costume instead — pictures with people perform better on the algorithm anyway.

It’s easy to offer up a variety

Sticking to the overdone party drinks are a surefire way to bore your taste buds. Canned cocktails are the perfect opportunity to spice things up with some new flavors. Luckily, Loyal 9 offers four different vodka lemonade cans: mixed berry, watermelon, classic lemonade, and iced tea. These are the perfect slightly-nostalgic substitute for candy on Halloween (think sour watermelon gummies or lemon drops.) And when you’ve got the right flavor for everyone, the party keeps going for longer.

Last-minute RSVPs are a breeze

Having extra cans on hand is a great way to prep for unexpected guests. And with the party you’re throwing, everyone will want to show up. Canned cocktails don’t require any extra mixers, so picking up a few extra cases is all you need for when the get-together becomes bigger than you planned. Plus, you can always bring the unused ones to your next bash.

It simplifies your bar setup

Having a ton of custom cocktails is fun, but it’ll require you to play bartender all night instead of, ya know, actually socializing with your guests. Plus, you’ll need to load up on bar cart extras like shakers and strainers (not to mention clean things up at the end of the night.) Instead, splurge on some garnishes to class things up slightly without adding a bunch of steps. Or, let your guests pour some Loyal 9 into funky, themed goblets and other Halloween-y glasses. They fit the theme and add a touch of fun and flavor to an easy setup.