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Pacifico's Citrus Agave Lager Was Made for Summer Drinking

Sea salt, agave, and lime make for a perfect summer beer.

Photo: Pacifico/Shutterstock; Illustration: Danielle Hartley

Summertime means we finally get to enjoy beer the way it’s meant to be enjoyed: in the sun, preferably by a body of water with some good friends. Of course, this is the time when brewers put out their easiest-drinking options, setting aside the stouts and heavy ales and opting for lighter beers. It's with that in mind that Pacifico crafted their latest beer, Citrus Agave Lager, for their summer lineup. 

Pacifico is already known for their Clara lager, a style that basically embodies summer beer, and their Citrus Agave Lager cuts a new trail with flavors inspired by Pacifico’s roots in Baja. “We were really inspired by surfers and their thirst for adventure,” says Katie Herrmann, a senior brand manager at Pacifico.

Combining sea salt, lime flavor, and agave flavors, the beer has a crisp and slightly tart taste that’s exactly what you want in a summer beer. Most importantly, it’s not too heavy, so it won’t weigh you down on hot days on the playa. Another important feature: portability. “Cans make it much easier to throw a few in your backpack on your next adventure," Herrmann says.

Pacifico turned to local artists for inspiration on the beer's bottle and package design. By looping in illustrators, photographers, and even singer-songwriters from the SoCal area, they created an illustration that showcases the Baja coast where Pacifico was first discovered by California surfers. They’re even in the process of commissioning murals to paint on Airstream trailers that they will take on the road to showcase the beer in their test markets of San Diego and Dallas. If you're lucky enough to live in one of these cities, check your local shelves and try the next big thing in summer drinking.

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