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These are Paris's Bad Decision Bars

Published On 01/07/2014 Published On 01/07/2014
Paris Bad Decision Bars

Paris: epicenter of haute cuisine, culture, sophistication, and proud home to at least 10 Bad Decision Bars -- the places where dignity, credit cards, and rash-free status are all swiftly lost to the altar of "having one more drink".

Le Piano Vache

Le Piano Vache
5th arrondissement
Students, expats and cheap shots. OMG I can totally understand you! Am I speaking French right now? 

Le Bar Dix
6th arrondissement
Why yes, I do want another glass of cheap-ass house sangria. Why is this floor/wall/bartender so sticky?

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18th arrondissement
Okay, just because we're in an Irish pub, doesn't mean we'll have t-IRISH CAR BOMB IRISH CAR BOMB PLEASE BARTENDER. MERCI.

Café Oz Australian Bar

Café Oz
9th arrondissement
You will be surrounded by Aussies & wannabe Aussies ("That drink's called a cumshot! Noice!"), and at some point, you will come to the simultaneous realizations that a) the floor is covered in sand, and b) you don't know where your shoes are. 

La Cantada
11th arrondissement

La Griffe' de La FĂ©line Bar'

La FĂ©line
20th arrondissement
There’s something about a rockabilly joint that attracts people wearing leather and leopard print and drinking cheap cheap beer, and for some reason, you.

Hideout Paris

1st arrondissement
The whiskey Cokes cost â‚¬4 a pop, so how did you end up spending €175 plus change and half a pack of gum in here? Also, what's that burning sensation?

Les Furieux
11th arrondissement
Clues that something is desperately wrong: you're listing to a '90s rock band, sitting on a red leather seat, and feeling no sense of irony whatsoever.

Aux Noctambules

Aux Noctambules
18th arrondissement
It’s 4a and this bar is open for another hour, and a demi-pinte is only going to run you €2.20; you’ve got pocket change for that! Of course you want to down a few last beers under the light of a disco ball. You only have yourself to blame when you later stumble into a Pigalle “Chinese massage” establishment.

Le Zorba

Le Zorba
10th arrondissement
How the hell is it 6a already? Must be time for an after-hours drink, which you can do until 9a at this Belleville haunt. A shot of Jager could technically be considered a morning drink, right?

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1. Le Piano Vache 8 rue Laplace, Paris, 75005

Le Piano Vache is bar frequented by Sorbonne students and infamous for its walls papered with hundreds of posters that stand like monoliths behind old couches. Live bands and DJs play genres across the spectrum, from reggae to rock to EDM. Le Piano Vache might be packed during happy hour, but try and catch a glimpse of the bar’s old piano, overlooked by a stuffed cow’s head just enjoying the atmosphere with you.

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2. O'Sullivan's 92 Boulevard de Clichy, Paris, 75018 (Monmartre)

When you feel like getting rowdy, an Irish pub is a good place to start. Grab a handful of pints here and fill your stomach with some awesome bar food afterwards.

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3. Le Bar Dix 10 rue de l'Odéon, Paris, 75006 (St Germain Des Pres)

The three drinks you should order are as follows: sangria, sangria, sangria. Why? It's cheap, it's tasty, and it's easily the best thing they pour.

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4. Café Oz 1 rue de Bruxelles, Paris, 75009

There is sand on the floors and plenty of cheap shot specials. This Aussie bar knows how to have a good time.

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5. La Cantada 13 Rue Moret, Paris, 75011

You can order a number of different adult beverages here, but they're best known for their selection of absinthe, so you should probably get that.

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6. La FĂ©line 12 Rue Victor Letalle, Paris, 75020

Don't expect much more than rock and roll music, cheap beer, and people wearing leather, which should be good enough.

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7. Hideout 46 Rue des Lombards, Paris, 75001

This 1st arrondissement Irish bar has great happy hour deals, not to mention seven giant TV screens if you're looking to watch a game.

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8. Les Furieux 74 rue de la Roquette, Paris, 75011 (Bastille)

Here you're find a myriad of uniquely named cocktails, dim lighting, metal music, and red & black furnishings, which all announces "Goth-rock bar" quite clearly.

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9. Aux Noctambules 24 Boulevard de Clichy, Paris, 75018 (Pigalle)

With a name like "the Party People", there's a good chance this bar knows how to have fun. And with cheap drinks and a closing time of 5a, you'll probably have fun here too.

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10. Le Zorba 137 Rue du Faubourg du Temple, Paris, 75010 (Belleville)

This Belleville drinkery features live concerts and cheap drinks. And you can enjoy those drinks practically 'round the clock since Le Zorba opens at 5a and closes at 2a.