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The 7 best speakeasies in Paris

Published On 12/11/2013 Published On 12/11/2013
Olivier Bon/Experimental Cocktail Club
Hotel Particulier Montmartre
Le Ballroom du Beefclub
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1. Moonshiner 5 rue Sedaine, Paris, 75011

This is your quintessential speakeasy because the only way to get in is to find the secret entrance inside a busy pizza parlor. If you manage to do so, congrats, you deserve one of their tasty liquid concoctions.

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2. Experimental Cocktail Club 37 Rue Saint-Sauveur, Paris, 75002

This low-key Paris speakeasy provides a calm vibe and a comfortable space to sip on some creative and delicious cocktails, which the place is renowned for.

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3. Curio Parlor 16 Rue des Bernardins, Paris, 75005

Brought to you by the owners of the Experimental Cocktail Club, this 'tail joint has an extensive drink menu and once you order, you can pull a curtain across your space for a more intimate and private experience.

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4. Le Très Particulier Pavillon D, 23 Ave Junot, Paris, 75018

Since this place is a secret, don't tell anyone we told you, but if you go into the boutique Hôtel Particulier de Montmartre and ring a buzzer at the black door and say “prendre un verre” (that's the password), you'll gain entry to this sweet secret garden and speakeasy.

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5. Le Ballroom du Beef Club 58 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Paris, 75001

Located in the basement of the resto Beef Club, this speakeasy is dimly lit, features lots of velvet and you know the drinks are spectacular since it was opened by the same folks behind the Experimental Cocktail Club.

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6. Candelaria 52 Rue de Saintonge, Paris, 75003

Candelaria, in the 3rd arrondissement, is a practically 24hr taqueria that's got all the Mexican goodness you could want, plus a brunch menu and a ton of cocktails, including more than a few filled with tequila. The coolest part of Candelaria is the spot's well-hidden second half: behind an unmarked white door by the kitchen you'll find a DJ spinning alongside the bar that's now considered among the top four cocktail bars in the world according to Tales of the Cocktail.

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7. L’Acte 3 94 rue Quincampoix, Paris, 75003

This secret speakeasy is easily missed since it doesn't have a sign outside, but once you manage to find your way in, you get to have your drink customized, using any combo of booze and syrups you desire.