Food & Drink

Mod rock and punch bowls upstairs from Alfa

A Brit rock makeover of the old Walnut Room (courtesy of the guys behind Fishtown's Loco Pez and downstairs tavern Alfa), Ten Six Club's a second-story, late-night cocktail lounge and dance floor packed with naked mannequins. And other stuff, but mostly just naked mannequins

You'll enter through the unmarked door next to Alfa, head upstairs, and find a space split between two areas: this is the front bar, which's lined with chesterfields and psychedelic wallpaper that looks even more so when you're on... psychedelics! Or maybe weirdly that would make it look... normal

For $50 you can reserve a table and ladle and choose from one of three punch bowls, including a Philly Firehouse, which combines three fruits, Champagne, and brandy, which's surprising considering it'll make it significantly harder to remember what Anyone Did Last Summer. Also: for slightly more dollars, they'll throw in an ice luge

And then there's the dance floor, which's home to a rotating line-up of Brit rock nights, dub-step parties, and weekly Kamikaze Karaoke where the DJs decide what you're going to sing. Also, boobies!!!