Food & Drink

Eat and drink like a champ on EPass this Saturday

Just because, SPBG's hosting a 15hr Rocky marathon on Sat in the very neighborhood where Balboa used to chug those nasty raw egg drinks, knocking out all six classics in reverse order, with all-day specials on beer, punch, and pizza before an all-night after-party.Not just the best and the most complicated advice Mickey ever gave Rock, Balboa Punch is also the name of this $5 glass of booze, which mixes three fruit vodkas with cranberry lemonade. Also: there'll be discount pints of Italian Moretti lager 'til 2a.Only $10 on Saturday, this Italian Meats 10-incher features fresh basil and pre-punched meats like sweet sausage, salami, and pepperoni.As for the hotel lobby after-party: it kicks off at 9p with a DJ music video tribute to the (spoiler alert!) contender-champ-champ-champ-retired-champ-contender, before 5hrs of prize-packed trivia and a costume contest. Just try not to wear something Apollo-ing.