38 shot-and-a-beer specials in Philadelphia. All under $7.

If there's one thing you have to explain to people about Philly, it's... well, these 18 things... and what exactly the "Citywide Special" is. That one is easy, though: it's a shot of Jim Beam and a PBR for around $3, and it's been available in numerous Philly bars for the last decade or so... but it's only the beginning. Here're 38 shot-and-a-beer specials, all under $7, spread across five different parts of Philadelphia.

McGillin's Old Ale House
McGillin's Old Ale House

McGillin’s Olde Ale House (address and info)
The Philly special, Jim Beam and mug of PBR for $3, goes nicely with your shepherd’s pie at one of Philly's/America's oldest pubs.

Nick’s Roast Beef Bar & Grille (address and info)
Nick’s offers the usual Citywide Special -- $5 PBR and a shot of whiskey -- to go with that underrated bacon stuffed (and topped) burger, and of course, roast beef.

Graffiti Bar (address and info)
You can’t miss the psychedelic art on, um... pretty much every surface of this 30-seat open-air patio behind Sampan, and you can't beat the shot/beer specials they tweet weekdays during their $2 Satay happy hour.

Las Vegas Lounge (address and info)
They've got some pretty sweet Spanish fries to go with their constantly changing array of drink specials. At the very least this place'll hook you up with $2.50 High Life bottles & $4.50 Jack Daniel's shots on Tuesdays.

Bierstube (address and info)
This bilevel beer hall, which has more than 150 beers, has a Narragansett special w/ shot of Root for $5, plus brats, burgers, and German pub fare.

McGlinchey's (address and info)
$3.25 cheapest whiskey, $2.95 cheapest beer. Pair together or get fancy with something Belgian for $5. Either way, you're drinking it at one of their Pac-Man tables.

Era (address and info)
It is $3 for a Heaven Hill shot and a Lionshead bottle at this Ethopian dive bar on Poplar.

London Grill (address and info)
This might be the only place you can get a PBR & a shot of Old Grand-Dad for $5 and take your mom out for dinner. Although every evening that involves the latter should probably also include a few of the former.

MilkBoy (address and info)
This coffee shop/music venue with two suburban outposts has a whole "Citywide section" of their menu, which boasts Heaven Hill & Straub Lager for $6, plus more expensive combos like a shot of Absinthe & Abita Purple Haze.

Pabst Blue Ribbon
Pabst Blue Ribbon

Dirty Franks (address and info)
They've got the Citywide (PBR and a shot of Jim Beam) for $3.50, plus a jukebox and some darts, just don't be surprised if someone throws the latter at you if you play the wrong thing on the former.

Devil’s Alley Bar and Grill (address and info)
For the name and burgers alone, this place deserves some serious props, but don't sleep on happy hour from 5-7pm, Monday-Friday with $2 Yuengling, $3 craft drafts, and $5 Jameson's.

LocustRendezvous (address and info)
They've got a rotating list of beer and shot specials for $2 and $3, respectively (that’s $5 total if you've already had too many to do the math), and some pretty bangin’ bar food specials to go with 'em.

Raven Lounge (address and info)
Start with the $5 PBR/shot of whiskey combo then step things up to an even better... err, stranger combo: their Pop Rocks and Champagne fizz.

TheBards (address and info)
$3-5 draft beer and $4 house liquor, which you “may or may not add some soda to”, from 5-8pm, Monday-Saturday. That sounds perfectly logical to us.

Oh! Shea’s (address and info)
With happy hour from 5-7pm, Monday-Friday, and $3 domestics, whiskey for $4, as well as mixed drinks, margs, cosmos, and food specials, you'll be saying "Oh!" when you try to open your eyes in the morning.

Doobies (address and info)
The Funk-doobies-y mixture of Sly Fox Phoenix Pale Ale & Heaven Hill bourbon for $5 all day will have you singing some old-school rap in no time.

South Philly
Brad Foster

Bainbridge Street Barrel House (address and info)
They roll out the Citywide Special for $5 from 9pm to close and have a killer happy hour Monday-Friday, 4:30-6:30pm with half off draft beer, $5 select wines.

Bob & Barbara’s (address and info)
They started the Citywide Special, so they keep it old-school w/ a PBR & Jim Beam for $3. The PBRs are $2 otherwise.

Tattooed Mom (address and info
Screw a shot-and-a-beer special (although you can get those too) TM's Burger Wednesdays specials gets you a burger and Narragansett tall boy for just $5.

Fiume (address and info)
This six-stool UCity watering hole serves the Citywide Special for $4.

Drinker’s West (address and info)
One of the diviest bars around, they thrive on drink specials that will cross your eyes. $3.50 Yuengling drafts, $2.75 Narragansett cans, $3 Coors Banquet, $4 Whatever Shots, and $6 Red Bull Bombs just to name a few… that aren’t listed on the front door.

Catahoula (address and info)
The special: Narragansett with a shot of Heaven Hill for $5.

Connie's Ric Rac (address and info)
Boasting a solid brew selection (Yard's etc.), this unassuming looking dive is a go-to for the Citywide Special... and a bathroom w/ smutty comics.

The Dive (address and info)
They offer the classic Citywide Special ($3 PBR & cheap whiskey), and free pizza (!) at happy hour.

Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar (address and info)
The only thing better than the $4 National Bohemian Beer & shot of Windsor is the free drink they'll give you on your birthday.

Queen of Sheba (address and info)
Apparently the traditional PBR & shot of whiskey special goes great w/ Eritrean food.

The El Bar
The El Bar

The El Bar (address and info)
Conveniently located near the El train, their version of the Citywide Special is PBR and shot of Heaven Hill for $3, or $4 for Kenzinger & a shot. Cash only.

Ortlieb’s (address and info)
Their daily 6-8pm happy hour specials take half-off of almost everything, including top-shelf bourbons, which you can easily pair with $2 domestics, or $3 for craft drafts like Troegs Dreamweaver for under $7.

Johnny Brenda’s (address and info)
From 4-6pm, Monday-Friday they've got Kenzinger & Heaven Hill for $6. And they've always got a badass burger and a side of fries combo.

Barbary (address and info)
There are four different specials for $5 at this bar/dance club, including the Lion's Club, which combines a Lionshead beer and a shot of whiskey.

Atlantis The Lost Bar (address and info)
The specials: Heaven Hill and a Pabst for $3, or (options!) a Kenzinger and Jacquin’s for $5.

The Crazy Leprechaun Bar & Grill (address and info)
Make it on a Tuesday and you get "U Call It" shots and select beers for $2 each.

Barcade (address and info)
They have Jim Beam and craft beer for $7 during happy hour, and vintage arcade games for 25 cents all the time.

Cantina Dos Segundos (address and info)
The Mexican version of the Citywide Special gets you a can of Tecate with a shot of Sauza Gold tequila for $5 Sunday-Thursday.

Lloyd Whiskey Bar (address and info)
Old Grand-Dad with a Miller High Life for $5, and $4 drafts all the time. Oh, and check out their Instagram for cocktails specials daily.

Kung Fu Necktie (address and info)
Pick your poison: 16oz PBR & Heaven Hill for $4, or Tacate & tequila for $4.

Shot and beer
Flickr/oFace Killah

Grape Room (address and info)
They call it the Philly Special here, but it's still a shot of whiskey and a bottle of Lionshead for $5.

Cresson Inn (address and info)
As any hardcore, old-school Yunker will tell you, you can pretty much get everything here as a beer and shot special -- at 8am no less. But their signature combo is Yeagers and pony bottles of the "Champagne of Beers".