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An Every-Neighborhood Guide to Philly's Best BYOBs

Published On 08/21/2013 Published On 08/21/2013
Cheers with beer and wine
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Sabrina's Cafe

Art Museum/Fairmount

Figs (address and info)

2501 Meredith St
This neighborhood bistro's menu is full of Mediterranean-inspired dishes with a Moroccan flair.

Zorba’s Tavern (address and info)

2230 Fairmount Ave
Bring a date or friend and try the grilled samplers for two -- choose from lamb, a fisherman’s feast, or a mixed meat platter from the grill.

Sabrina’s Cafe (address and info)

1804 Callowhill St
Bring your own drinks for a comforting and classic breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Sabrina’s Fairmount location.

Doma (address and info)

1822 Callowhill St
Sushi or bibimbap? Pick from the Japanese or Korean menus (or both) at Doma.

Little Fish

Bella Vista

Bibou (address and Info)

1009 S 8th St
Amazing service, ambiance, and French food. Stop at the ATM beforehand -- Bibou is cash only.

Little Fish (address and Info)

746 S 6th St
Great place for a date -- seasonal, seafood-focused menu in an intimate, 22-seat dining room.

Monsu (address and Info)

901 Christian St
Sicilian cash-only BYO in the heart of the Italian Market.

Paloma (address and Info)

763 S 8th St
Classic French techniques meet Mexican flavors from Chef Adán Saavedra.

Taqueria La Veracruzana (address and info)

908 Washington Ave
Toss back a few cervezas with tasty Mexican food at this casual BYO.

Dim Sum Garden


Dim Sum Garden (address and Info)

1020 Race St
The original Dim Sum Garden, in a new location, is known for soup dumplings, steamed buns, and other Chinese and Taiwanese dim sum.

Nine Ting (address and info)

926 Race St
All you can eat hot pot and Korean BBQ AND you can bring in your booze -- need we say more?

Terakawa Ramen (address and info)

204 N 9th St
In one of the city's best places to get ramen, you can also bring your own booze. Make it a big ol' Asahi.

Laurel Restaurant BYOB

East Passyunk

Laurel (address and Info)

1617 E Passyunk Ave
Come for the seven-course tasting menu from Top Chef alum Nick Elmi; stay to finish the bottle of wine you brought.

Noord (address and Info)

1046 E Tasker St
No need to go dutch at Noord -- the East Passyunk BYO offers reasonably-priced and delicious takes on traditional Nordic/Dutch cuisine.

Will (address and Info)

1911 E Passyunk
Just go. Food from a chef who spent time at the French Laundry and Alinea, it'll be one of the best meals you’ll have in the city.


Stock (address and Info)

308 E Girard Ave
Upscale Vietnamese dishes like green papaya salad, khao poon, and some damn good pho.

Helm (address and Info)

1305 N 5th St
Oh look, our favorite new restaurant of 2015 also is a BYOB... maybe you should go, if you haven't already?

Manayunk/East Falls

Han Dynasty (address and info)

4536 Main St
Lucky for the folks of Manayunk, Han Dynasty is BYO -- and you’ll probably need a few bottles to counter the effects of Han Chiang's spicy Szechuan food.

Smiley’s Cafe (address and info)

110 Cotton St
Low key spot for gyros, shawarma, and falafel.

Northern Liberties

Pura Vida (address and info)

527 Fairmount Ave
Pan-Latin/Cuban food and house-made margarita mix -- it’s up to you to bring the tequila.

Suppa (address and info)

1040 N American St
The menu has everything from pierogies to fried chicken. Plus, Suppa makes its own tater tots.

Dimtri’s (address and info)

944 N 2nd St
One of two locations in the city serving straightforward Greek food at affordable prices.

26 North BYOB

Old City

26 North (address and Info)

26 N 3rd St
Newly opened from Chef Mike Stollenwerk (formerly of Little Fish), the seafood-heavy restaurant is quickly becoming one of the most popular restaurants in Old City.

Chloe (address and info)

232 Arch St
Great food and even better service in this small BYO on a quiet stretch of Arch St.

Kisso (address and info)

205 N 4th S
Inventive sushi for those nights when you want something better than the standard sushi takeout.

La Locanda Del Ghiottone (address and info)

130 N 3rd St
Come for hearty portions of traditional Italian fare and the best mushroom crepes in the city.



Russet (address and info)

1521 Spruce St
Farm-to-table food in an old brownstone across from the Kimmel Center.

Audrey Claire (address and info)

276 S 20th St
Just good, clean food.

Melograno (address and info)

2012 Sansom St
If you’ve lived in Philly for more than a year, you’ve probably already been here. Go again.

Pumpkin (address and info)

1713 South St
Seasonal menu using local ingredients.

Mercato BYOB

Washington Square West

Mercato (address and info)

1216 Spruce St
With so many good options on the menu, we recommend the four-course tasting menu.

Effie’s (address and info)

1127 Pine St
Solid Greek food at reasonable prices.

Giorgio On Pine (address and info)

1328 Pine St
Gluten-free, friendly, and casual eatery serving Italian classics.

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Before moving to Philly, Dan McKay’s idea of BYOB was bringing a flask to dinner and sneaking drinks while the waiter wasn’t looking -- how times have changed... Follow him on Twitter or Instagram @dannypageviews