An Atlantic City gentlemen's club two years in the making

A bar and showroom at Scores Atlantic City

Instead of blowing 25mil singles on the dollar slots downstairs, New York's swankiest naked-girls-dancing establishment's spent two years investing in one sure bet: a 36,000sqft sports bar, pole showroom, and totally topless roof deck atop the Trump Taj Mahal, where you can spend your days scoring Buffalo wings and your nights satisfying your appetite for even more breast & thigh action.

A neon sign in the red light district of Scores Atlantic City

You'll enter the club through the very literal red light Distrikt. And don't let the sign fool you -- once you're inside, you'll find girls in every direction...

A dancer at Scores Atlantic City

... assuming you don't walk through with your eyes wide shut. There's one!

A private booth at Scores Atlantic City

Want to get a better look? Share a bottle and a booth in one of the club's private lounges.

The bathrooms at Scores Atlantic City

If you need even more privacy after sipping a $10,000 bottle of Louis XIII de Remy Martin Cognac, you'll probably want the bathroom where gold toilets are lit by ready-made one-liners you can rehearse in the mirror...

A theater at Scores Atlantic City

... before mingling in the futuristic theaters, fantasy clubs, and cabarets where, unlike the girls, the walls light up when you touch them.

The Spread sports bar at Scores Atlantic City

If you want to get handsy, check The Spread, an eight-screened indoor-outdoor sports bar where you can tackle drafts from Yards, Left Hand, and Manayunk Brewing Co...

Cocktails at Scores Atlantic City

... and a full list of classic and tiki 'tails, whether you're craving a Long Island or lost island iced tea.

The roof deck at Scores Atlantic City

Unlike the gentlemen's club, Scores' sports bar and deck requires no cover, and is accessible from the Boardwalk.

A server at Scores Atlantic City

And there's still plenty of opportunity to mingle with the girls out here, assuming you want to pick up what they're putting down.

The wings at Scores Atlantic City

Like these very wings, which Donovan McNabb ate after we took this picture. Pro tip: Don't attempt to take a picture of celebrities hanging out here.

A security guard at Scores Atlantic City

Even if they're retired, they still have defenders.