The Hotel Palomar's pop-up speakeasy

While Square 1682's closed for renovations, the Hotel Palomar opened a minibar you don't need a reservation to raid: the 16-seat Satellite Bar's a second-floor pop-up speakeasy hidden behind the unmarked doors of a once-private dining room where you'll find an ex-Tapestry 'tender debuting weekly craft 'tails until the downstairs restaurant reopens.There are six ways to open these doors but only one way to find them: take the back lobby elevator one flight up, walk to the end of the hall, then make a left.Do not attempt to follow this chandelier's directions.Settle into this banquette nook.Or sidle up to the street-view bar for this High West Rye-spiked Whistlin' Dixie, shaken with housemade honey-ginger syrup, Green Dragon tea, fresh lemon, and Fee's Whiskey Barrel Bitters.This Yahtzee is stirred wtih Tanqueray gin, Moroccan bitters, and coconut sugar, best ordered by screaming its name triumphantly and then declaring yourself "the champ" to all onlookers.