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DIY margaritas in Midtown Village

Margaritas made with Lolita BYOT's housemade mixers

Usually, DIY means putting together a Norwegian-pine bedframe with a weird-sounding name and realizing that you still have five screws left over when it's all assembled. At Lolita modern Mexican in Midtown Village, however, DIY is much better, because it's referring to their margaritas! This place is the brainchild of Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran, the chef duo behind Barbuzzo down the street, and they ask you to bring your own tequila so they can mix it into unusual mixers, like Blood Orange Mint. They're also serving up killer Mexican cuisine like hazelnut-crusted duck breast with sweet plantains, sour-cherry salsita, and jicama-orange slaw. And even if you forget to bring your own bottle, there's a state liquor store right around the corner -- meaning you might lose a few more screws before the night is over.