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Classic American 'tails behind a Chinatown gate

The latest and greatest from the only Chinatown laundromat with legal booze, Hop Sing's Winter drink menu features six new sippables all courtesy of "Lee", HSL's mysterious, 200-cufflink-owning jeans mogul proprietor and bartender extraordinaire

All of the drinks take their names from forgotten episodes of American history, including this heavy cream, honey liquor, and Rittenhouse Rye shake topped with shaved nutmeg. It's called the Give Me Shelter, obviously after the "late 19th-century railroad social experiment with Orphan trains that exported Manhattan orphans to Midwestern homes"

This grapefruit-infused 10yr Laphroaig is called The Railroad Judah, likely referencing what Jesus said that time the fourth son of Jacob was all, "Seriously JC, how is that you always beat me in Monopoly?"

Then there's the Pay Me My Money Down, it's an all-booze stir of two rums, bonded applejack & yellow chartreuse, and it's named after a song sung by dock-working slaves in the Georgia Sea Islands who like to play underground card games against Matt Damon while eating Oreos

And finally, the Crazy Horse: a glass and a half stir of Double Cross vodka, Solerno Blood Orange and Lillet Rose poured through a raspberry sieve. It takes a little time to make, so you'll probably wanna order it while you sip on something else to avoid any kind of Gap.