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Chili bacon bowls and cider mugs in Midtown Village

Intent on doing a liver good too, Chestnut St coffee bar and booze hall MilkBoy now has a run of 13 not-previously-on-the-menu winter 'tails so good, you'll likely wanna hedgehog them all. Check out our favorites

Mixed by a JG Domestic vet, this Fireside Cider's served in a handled mason jar, spiked with cinnamon whiskey & honey (feat. Da Brat and Jermaine Dupri, probably), and topped with two criss-crossed sticks

Just like your grandfather (but with more muddled orange), this Sage Old Fashioned's loaded with applejack and garden gin

The Handsome's a bourbon looker, awesomely dressed with ginger tea syrup and a sprig of thyme that should look the above amount of blurry when you're finished with it

And even though this isn't a new winter drink, it is a bowl of bacon that swaps out last season's cinnamon rub for enough ancho chili honey glaze to give your palate a Sonic boom.

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