What better way to celebrate the City of Brotherly Love than to reveal just where a brother can get his love on? That’s why we’ve collected the 10 best bars and restaurants (and centers for performing arts?) where you can get some PDA on the DL. " "

Raven Lounge/Flickr

The Raven Lounge
Southwest Center City
The perfect place to take that special Lenore in your life, The Raven has all the darkness of a Poe poem, and none of the child-brides. Better yet, they divvy up the space into discrete, couch-ified rooms perfect for less lofty expressions of love.

Trestle Inn/Yelp

The Trestle Inn
Spring Garden
Take down a real whiskey sour -- frothy eggs whites and all -- and let the random go-go dancers get you in the mood for… something. No one will judge you if you make out at the bar. In fact, no one will even notice. But if it’s privacy you want, nestle yourself in their nook in the back, away from the prying eyes of basically the entire world.

Drinkers West/Facebook

Drinker's West
University City
Cheap, loud and dark -- no, not you, the ambiance. Let everyone else occupy themselves with $1 tacos, pool, and game-watching as you and your special lady friend slip into the accessible stairwells for some public privacy. Looking for private privacy? Their bathrooms are coed, and lock from the inside.

JD Thomas/Flickr

Jose Pistola’s
Rittenhouse Square
While the less amorously inclined may find the three-flight walk up to the back end bathrooms arduous, you and your date know that this is the stairway to heaven, or thereabouts. The bathroom platform is a great place to lustfully grope, and any creaking of stairs should alert you to dive into a unisex, individual bathroom. Or just keep going at it!

Grafitti Bar/Facebook

Graffiti Bar
Center City East
Don’t be scared by the narrow alley that the front door opens up into, because that dark, secluded stretch off S 13th is all about mugging… down.

Ranstead Room/Facebook

The Ranstead Room
Rittenhouse Square
It’s unmarked, accessible only by alley, and dark enough to potentially warrant the use of an eyepatch to acclimate yourself to the pitch blackness (that’s why pirates wore them!). If the cover of night and the intimate, cranny-ridden space isn’t enough to inspire the mood, let the naked-lady-covered walls do the inspiration for you.


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North Bowl/Facebook

North Bowl
No Libs
Instead of high-fiving, celebrate your 10 strike streak by posting up in the first floor photo booth for some black and white memories neither of you will ever, ever be able to forget. Just guard the printing cage with your life.


Center City
The perfect place to make time with the ladies, the third floor of this tri-level restaurant/lounge/club’s private couch parlor will help you reap all the unquenchable passion you’ve no doubt aroused through your absolutely sick dance moves on the adjoining floor.

The Franklin Mortgage/Facebook

The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.
Rittenhouse Square
Once the front for the single largest Prohibition booze smuggling ring in the country, you’d best believe that The Franklin is the sort of place that can hold a secret. The corner booth near the bar is going to be your best bet for doing something shameful that you’d rather the FBI didn’t find out about.

The Mann Center/Facebook

Mann Center for the Performing Arts
Fairmount Park
Nothing like making out on a lawn in the park while music is playing and, oh, hey, didn’t mean to bump you with that elbow, neighbor who actually cares about the arts. If a little more privacy is required, spring for a balcony seat and roost in a little love nest where you can see everything but no one can see what you’re up to. The only thing visible will be your heads. Or not even that maybe.



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