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The Most Beautiful Bars in Phoenix

Courtesy of Kevin Brost/ Triyar Entertainment Group

While we consider drink quality (and quantity!) to be top priority when it comes to determining our favorite bars, a nice atmosphere certainly never hurt anyone. So, we went on a mission to find the most beautiful bars in the Phoenix area, whose looks will intoxicate you before you even take your first sip.


Old Town Scottsdale

Dakota, one of Old Town Scottsdale’s newest restaurant and bars, is fresh, modern, clean, and indisputably beautiful. The white marble bar top, whimsical color palette, and ivy coming from the ceiling are just a few of the reasons we consider this bar top-notch when it comes to aesthetics. Details like the tree art piece at the center of the bar and the giant wood doors complete the design.

Courtesy of Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour

Bitter & Twisted

Downtown Phoenix

“Historic” is a bit of a foreign concept to Phoenicians, so when we find something with a bit of vintage charm we embrace it. Bitter & Twisted, which is already well known for its exceptional cocktails, exploits that with its incredible atmosphere, boasting exposed brick and pipes, unique light fixtures, and a crystal chandelier, all housed in the beautiful historic downtown building.

Courtesy of Crudo



Crudo is comfortable, casual and home-y, with lots of windows, a ceiling composed of wooden beams, concrete flooring, and a light color scheme. It’s known for its unique entrance, which features a jigsaw of colorful shutters covering the wall. Our favorite part, however, is the bar -- for more than one reason. It’s large enough to fit all your friends, the chalkboard adds personality, and the white brick base of the bar completes the bar’s unique beauty.

Courtesy of Jill Richards Photography


Central Phoenix

Okra is another beautiful newcomer to the Phoenix food and drink scene. It’s hard not to be impressed by the unique feel of Okra. The bar features dark brick, a wooden bar top, and dark tiles lining the base of the bar. The lighting fixtures are especially beautiful, the oversized white spheres add a bright and unique touch to the otherwise dark space.

The Montauk

Old Town Scottsdale

Walking into The Montauk feels a lot like taking a vacation to The Hamptons. It’s bright, fresh, and colorful, with a large, welcoming bar worth celebrating. While the bar is stunning, we recommend tearing yourself away to spend a little time outside under the lights, next to the oversized white tile fireplace.

The Second Story Liquor Bar

Old Town Scottsdale

From the leather-tufted couches to the ornate chandelier, Second Story oozes luxury. The artwork is fantastic, too, a brightly colored-lipstick painting and an equally colorful picture of floating umbrellas add personality to the otherwise dark space.

The Beverly

Old Town Scottsdale

The Beverly is a luxurious little bar with a distinctly old-fashioned vibe. While the dark, ambient lighting makes it hard to take in every detail, it’s worth taking the extra time to look around. Book-filled cupboards surround the building along with a velvet curtain and comfortable, oversized furniture. However, the rectangular, large wooden bar at the center is the focal point of the room.

The Gladly

Uptown Phoenix

Everything about The Gladly is trendy and beautiful, from the floor-to-ceiling windows to the metal light fixtures. It has a simple design, but the small decorative touches make all the difference. We love the collage of mirrors, and of course the bar, which features shelves of alcohol bottles that seem to extend upward for miles.

Courtesy of Amelia Goe

St. Francis

Central Phoenix

This two-story ‘50s structure was specially picked out by owner and head chef, Aaron Chamberlin. The space was restored and updated and now houses one of the most aesthetically pleasing bars in the area. We love how the bar opens up to the gorgeous patio, letting lots of light and sunny weather into the space.

Courtesy of Windsor


Central Phoenix

Windsor is a fun neighborhood spot that’s as welcoming as it is unconventionally beautiful. The red brick walls, wooden beams on the ceiling, black leather tufted seats, and plaid details create a strangely gorgeous look.

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Jamie Killin is a Phoenix writer who thinks that all bars are beautiful in their own way. Buy her a beer at @JamieKillin.