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The Best Irish Bars in Phoenix That Are Worth a Damn

Published On 03/15/2016 Published On 03/15/2016

We might be halfway across the globe from the Emerald Isle and the Cliffs of Moher. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying Ireland’s best libations and eats. We’ve got a big selection of Irish bars right here in our city -- many of which serve a great mix of traditional meals, with an American spin. So if you’re looking to celebrate this coming St. Patrick’s Day like a real Irishman (or woman) without leaving the Phoenix area, here’s your chance...

Chambers on First

Downtown Phoenix

Two words: whiskey flights. This Downtown Phoenix favorite is an upscale version of the traditional Irish pub, without straying too far from the roots. Decorated with fancy chandeliers and dark wood paneling, it has an ambience reminiscent of an American speakeasy tied to a European gastropub. You can’t come here and not test out the Irish whiskey menu, which features over 20 from which to choose. But please, don’t do it all on St. Patrick’s Day. That could get ugly.

The Harp Irish Pub

The Harp Irish Pub


The East Valley’s award-winning Irish pub, The Harp, has put an American twist on some of Ireland’s most traditional dishes. Go and grab yourself some Irish nachos (waffle fries topped with corned beef, jalapeños, cheddar cheese, and chipotle sauce) or some Guinness fondue, which is served with pretzels. Of course, if you’re trying to go the more traditional route, you can't go wrong with the Cornish pasties, shepherd's pie, or Irish bangers & mash. 

Lauren Topor/Thrillist

Casey Moore's 


Easily one of the most popular Irish pubs in the state, Casey Moore’s has been pouring beer in Tempe for years. And despite being supposedly haunted (seriously, people say this place has ghosts), it has a well of loyal patrons who come by day after day to grab a taste of its fine beef, seafood, and, of course, those oysters. Plus, with St. Patrick’s Day upon us, you can sure as hell bet crowds will be coming in droves to get some beer and Irish whiskey. Who knows: maybe a couple of ghosts will show up, as well.  

Rosie McCaffrey's Irish Restaurant and Pub

Rosie McCaffrey's


This place has been a Valley staple for over 30 years, and much of the reason is that it was the first bar in Phoenix to serve Ireland’s favorite beer (you know, Guinness) on tap -- which is kind of a big deal. While others have certainly followed in Rosie's footsteps, it’s the traditional Irish fare, such as bangers & mash, or the corned beef, that keeps customers coming in. OK, the Kell’s meatloaf sandwich, lamb burger, or corned beef on grilled rye bread also help a little bit. 

Tim Finnegan's Irish Pub

Tim Finnegan's


Finnegan’s has arguably the best selection of Irish beers in Phoenix, featuring anything from Smithwick’s, to Harp, even Kilkenny Irish cream ale. It also has an Irish cider, if that’s more your thing -- which, why wouldn’t it be? (Don’t get us wrong: it’s not that we have a drinking problem. We just appreciate a place with good booze and good company.) On the harder side, the Irish whiskey selection is something everyone should experience. And seeing that St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, there’s probably going to be a lot of people testing out the menu -- so get your spot!

Lauren Topor/Thrillist

Rúla Búla


The name of this place is taken from the Irish expression, "Rí Rá agus Ruaile Buaile," which translates to “uproar and commotion” -- making it perfectly suited for a residence on Mill Ave, a place known for both uproar and commotion (in an entertaining way). The pub mixes modern and traditional cooking styles and ingredients to comprise its eclectic, ever-changing menu. Visit late-night or stop by for brunch: it’s open seven days a week and has a killer daily happy hour from 3-6pm. The patio is also open, with more booze, and even live music.

R.T. O'Sullivans 


This Mesa sports bar/Irish pub is a hit with sports bettors, poker players, trivia junkies, and fans of Irish-style pub food. Try the deep-fried mushrooms & zucchini: they're fried in Harp beer batter and layered with sauces and cheeses. It also has a winning special (two-for-one burger Tuesday, anyone?) and a happy hour we can't not mention, since it runs close to all day -- Monday-Friday 11am to 7pm. 

Seamus McCaffrey’s

Séamus McCaffrey's


Bar food and Irish favorites such as beef stew, potato boxty, and corned beef & cabbage all come together to make up the menu at Séamus McCaffrey’s, one of Phoenix’s best pubs around. Stop by, raise your glass, and down a shot of your favorite Irish liquor any day you like (it has plenty to choose from). There are also happy hour specials Monday-Friday from 4-7pm, and live music every Friday night. If you’re looking for a different sort of glass, take a peek at the Scotch or wine offerings, or choose from a long list of imported and domestic draft beers.

Skeptical Chymist 


Scottdale’s Skeptical Chymist serves as the official meeting place for Seahawks fans in the Valley of the Sun. Why? Because it’s actually coined the “Official Seahawks Bar in AZ,” and shows pretty much all the games. It’s no surprise that you’ll get a taste of Éire here, as out-of-towners from the likes of the Pacific Northwest and Seattle come by to feel at home and embrace the love of their team -- all while munching on the notorious Belfast Burger. Stop by on Saturdays for a discount on the pub’s take on a famous Irish dish: corned beef & cabbage.

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Lauren Topor is a Phoenix writer who could easily have boxties for breakfast every day of the week. Follow her to the best St. Paddy’s Day parties around town on Instagram and Twitter

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1. Chambers on First 705 N 1st St #100, Phoenix, AZ 85004

This upscale take on a traditional Irish pub has dark wood paneling and chandeliers that make the space seem like a cross between a European gastropub and an American speakeasy. Be sure to opt for a whiskey flight, for you have the option to choose between 20 options on the menu.

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2. The Harp Pub 1744 S Val Vista Dr, Mesa, AZ 85204

This award-winning pub takes Irish tradition and puts an Americanized spin on it, like Irish Nachos (waffle fries with corned beef, jalapeños, cheddar cheese, and chipotle sauce). They've also got some authentic offerings, from cornish pasties to bangers and mash. Enjoy live entertainment over pints of Guinness, like dueling pianos every Friday night.

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3. Casey Moore's Oyster House 850 S Ash Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281

When it comes to spirits, this popular Tempe hangout is known for two kinds: Irish whiskey, and the supernatural. It's a well-known fact that Casey Moore's has a history of spooky encounters, taking the idea of a neighborhood "haunt" to another level (Did you feel that tug on your necktie? Did you see that woman dancing in the upstairs dining room?), but that shouldn’t stop you from popping in for a draft beer, short glass of whiskey, and some top-notch seafood. Fresh oysters, shrimp boats, and fish & chips are all favorites. Oh, and it should go without saying, but this homey Irish pub is the place to be on St. Patrick’s Day.

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4. Rosie McCaffrey's Irish Pub 906 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Established over 30 years ago, this bar was the first to serve Guinness on tap, which obviously pairs beautifully with classic Irish eats like bangers and mash and corned beef. Saddle up to the horseshoe bar to take in the live music and crowd of locals united around beer and classic Irish whiskey.

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5. Tim Finnegan's Irish Pub 9201 N 29th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051

This spot has an incredible selection of Irish beers, carrying everything from Smithwick's to Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale. There's no shortage of Irish whiskey either and, like and good Irish pub, there's plenty of live music to keep you on your toes and in good spirits.

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6. Rúla Búla Irish Pub and Restaurant 401 S Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281

Rula Bula, taken from the Irish expression "Rí Rá agus Ruaile Buaile," or "uproar and commotion", is an inviting and exciting Irish pub. Modern and traditional cooking styles are combined to create a frequently changing menu that caters to crowds from brunch through dinner. Enjoy an Irish beer on the breezy patio while listening to live music.

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7. R.T. O 'Sullivan's 1610 S Stapley Dr, Mesa, AZ 85204

Poker players and trivia enthusiasts rejoice over this pub, complete with classic Irish food and great beer and whiskey. Eclectic eats like deep fried mushrooms and zucchini battered in beer and smothered in cheese elevate the traditional bar experience, and a week day happy hour from 11-7 certainly doesn't hurt.

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8. Seamus McCaffrey's Irish Pub & Restaurant 18 W Monroe St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

Come for the classic Irish drinks like Guinness and whiskey and stay for the live music and authentic eats from beef stew to corned beef & cabbage. What's original about this Irish pub is that there are scotch and wine offerings to choose from, bringing something for everyone to the green, orange and white table.

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9. Skeptical Chymist Irish Restaurant & Pub 15688 N Pima Rd, #C6, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

This is the official meeting spot for Seahawks fans in the Valley of the Sun, as they show all of the games. They have a famous menu item called The Belfast Burger with caramelized onion, roasted red pepper, mushrooms and onion rings, and they have a wealth of shareable options from flatbreads to charcuterie boards.



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