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We go hard: Portland's 6 best cider bars

Published On 05/07/2014 Published On 05/07/2014

Probably because of our penchant for drinking, but maybe also because of our proximity to some of the world's best apples, Portland's quickly become the place to go for the country's fastest-growing (sales up 100% this year!) booze option: cider. We aren’t quite at craft beer status (most brewpubs per capita, sucker!), but you're gonna want to check out Portland's six best cider bars:

Bushwhacker Cider

Bushwhacker Cider
Opened in 2010, Bushwhacker is the United States’ first cider pub. Not only do they produce their own small batches -- which rotate often so you’re always getting something new -- they have over 280 bottles in house. These guys are serious about cider and their passion is infectious.

Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider

Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider
Another producer of cider, the Reverend Nat’s tasting room is only open Thursday through Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoon, but despite the limited hours, they’re pushing the limits of Portland cider, so stop by for the five to six glass tasting tray, then take some bottles/a growler home with you.

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Not only is it one of the best craft beer bars in town, Apex always boasts a number of ciders on tap, and bartenders who're more than eager to share their knowledge. Still aren't sure you want to go? Check their live-updating online menu before you decide.


Much like the aforementioned Apex, Saraveza has a serious beer rep, but no self-respecting bottle shop, pub, and pastry counter would go without some sweet cider (they've got all of the local goodness as well as regional favorites), or, at least in this case, throwing a Mother’s Day cider brunch.

Portland Cider Co.

Portland Cider Co.
Oregon City
Okay, so it’s not exactly in Portland, and yeah, you can score their bottles all over, but if there’s any reason to leave town, it’s for boozy apple juice: their tasting room is open weird hours and they don’t serve food, but drinking not-available-in-bottles options straight from the source more than makes up for it.

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Belmont Station
You know the drill. This is a freaking good brewpub with an incredibly knowledgeable staff and, like, millions of fermented options. And like every other one of these on the list, these cats dig cider. They’re always bringing in new options to make sure you never leave with the same thing.

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1. Bushwhacker Cider 1212 SE Powell Blvd, Ste D, Portland, OR 97202

With over 280 bottles and the title of first US cider pub, Bushwhacker is serious about their cider. Stop in for one of their brewed-in-house small batches, or one of the many "guest ciders" they carry.

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2. Reverend Nat's Hard Cider 1813 NE 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97212

Reverend Nat's is a cider bar boasting a tasting room, plus cider styles that truly run the gamut, including both dry and off-dry options. With a mind for sustainability, these guys are using local apples from Willamette and Yakima Valleys.

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3. APEX 1216 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202 (Clintondivision)

If you're into beer, you need to get to APEX ASAP. This SE Portland bar has 50+ beers for you to try, and we're willing to bet you haven't even heard of most of their offerings, like Racer 5 IPA, Omega Session, and, best of all, the 10.5% ABV Danish import Pride of Nekron. If you're not satisfied with beer alone, APEX has also got an outdoor cigar bar.

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4. Saraveza 1004 N Killingsworth, Portland, OR 97217 (Ne Portland)

More bottle shop than sports bar, Saraveza's Wisconsin roots mean their huge roster of craft brews gets paired with Cheesehead favorites (Nueske's meats, a housemade brat with Carlton farms pork) on game day, along with a schload of sausage and tasty pasties, because it can get nipply in Green Bay.

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5. Portland Cider Company 275 Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045

It may be off the beaten bath, but this Oregon City cidery bottles and sells their own top-notch cider made from local, Northwest grown apples.



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