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High-tech light therapy meets high-end cocktail therapy on SE Morrison

Envisioning a world where SAD means "super-awesome drinks" and not "Seasonal Affective Disorder" or "sucks at Donkey... Kong", a team of bright thinkers has opened Lightbar in Buckman, where you can combat PDX's nine months of rain by sipping cocktails in a bar retrofitted with therapeutic lighting designed to combat seasonal depression. The drinks help, too.

The bar at Lightbar.

Taking inspiration from the great scientist Roy G. Biv, the bar's decked out w/ HappyLight-esque illuminations that rotate through every color of the visible spectrum, creating a sense of perpetual daylight as seen through the eyes of Hunter S. Thompson. That light casts a glow across a bar made from salvaged wood and decorated with antique art.

A mirror at Lightbar.

The kaleidoscopic spectrum is bounced around by a series of mirrors and prisms set up around the bar, like this triangular piece that totally isn't a sign that the owners are associated with the Illuminati (shhhh... Jay-Z and Dan Brown are listening).

Crystal antlers at Lightbar.

The centerpiece of the bar is this sculpture decked out w/ crystals and carved to look like antlers. It was designed by the owner's buddy and totally not stolen from Crystal Antlers' tour bus.

Paninis at Lightbar.

The food menu is, naturally, light, with a focus on a build-your-own salad option as well as these gigantic paninis loaded with roasted meats and house-made pickles that have nothing to do with dilemmas caused by Hugh Laurie.

A cappucino at Lightbar.

Because this is Portland, the place also functions as the best-lit coffee shop in the city, where baristas turn your drinks into works of art that kind of look like valentines to RZA, GZA, and Method Man.

The Manhattan at Lightbar.

In case the light therapy isn't doing its job, there's also a selection of beers and craft cocktails like this Manhattan w/ rye-fermented cherries & the Noon Shadows w/ white rum & St. Germain, which're discounted during the daily "Golden Hour" that represents a double-dose of SAD (strong alcoholic drinks + sweet-ass deals) and'll make you glad somebody said, "Let there be light."