Chili dogs and ginger-beer 'tails with a view

The Parkside Pub.

The Western tip of a geographic triangle whose points also include the iconic Paul Bunyan statue and the iconic-er Dancin' Bare, brand new Parkside Pub offers views of thankfully neither, but instead panoramically opens to sprawling Kenton Park, where you can watch grown men play kickball while yourself kicking back with specialty cocktails and upscale pub grub in the tiny, fireplaced bar.Even a Dodge Stratus looks beautiful when you see it from this charming little patio, or through the gigantic garage-style doors that line the pub.This small bar's attached to an open kitchen, and's stocked with mostly top-shelf booze, which works out well, because there's really only one booze shelf. There's also a rack of local taps, and, if you want wine, you can score a bottle at the vino shop next door and bring it in, sans corkage fee. Menu mainstays include a pastrami-stuffed grilled cheese, pork sliders that aren't just Prince Fielder trying to steal third, and this spicy dog covered in homemade chili.Cocktails are super-simple and include this Sun n' Shade w/ whiskey & OJ, and the Lawn w/ gin & lime… but, every 'tail also includes a spiked ginger beer called Crabbies, so that's pretty cool, and is a way cleaner way of getting that than from $1 dances over at the Dancin' Bare.

The view of Kenton Park at Parkside Pub.
The bar at Parkside Pub.
The spicy hot link w/ chili at Parkside Pub.
The Sun N Shade at Parkside Pub.