Introducing the Bar-Car: Portland's first-ever streetcar bar map

Unlike some cities (*cough* Seattle *cough*), our public transportation system is so good, you don't need a few drinks in you to actually use it, but wouldn't it be even better if you did? Yes! That's why we've replaced each Portland Streetcar stop with a watering hole that's within easy walking distance... or at least we tried (apparently you can't get a drink anywhere near OHSU's Schnitzer Campus... sorry!).

Anyway, see the whole map here, and get the deets for every stop below.

N/S Line

SW 10th & Clay: West Cafe

SW 10th & Jefferson: Virginia Cafe

SW 10th & Yamhill: Momo’s

SW 10th & Alder: Pépé Le Moko

SW 10th & Stark: Clyde Common

NW 10th & Couch: Blitz Pearl

NW 10th & Everett: Life of Riley Tavern

NW 10th & Glisan: Coppia Restaurant & Wine Bar

NW 10th & Johnson: Hotlips Pizza

NW 10th & Northrup: The Fields Bar & Grill

NW 12th & Northrup: BridgePort Brewpub

NW 14th & Northrup: Chipotle

NW 18th & Northrup: Paymaster Lounge

NW 21st & Northrup: Joe’s Cellar

NW 22nd & Northrup: Casa del Matador

NW 23rd & Marshall: Nob Hill Bar & Grill

NW 22nd & Lovejoy: Santa Fe Taqueria

NW 21st & Lovejoy: Bar Mingo

NW 18th & Lovejoy: Slabtown

NW 13th & Lovejoy: On Deck Sports Bar & Grill

NW 11th & Johnson: Low Brow Lounge

NW 11th & Glisan: Rogue Ales Public House

NW 11th & Everett: Tilt

NW 11th & Couch: Deschutes Brewery

SW 11th & Alder: Jackknife

SW 11th & Taylor: East India Co. Grill & Bar

SW 11th & Jefferson: The Rookery Bar

SW 11th & Clay: Rogue Hall

SW Park & Market: McMenamin’s Market Street Pub

SW 5th & Market: Nel Centro

SW 5th & Montgomery: Cheerful Tortoise

SW 3rd & Harrison: Murata

SW River Parkway & Moody: Portland Sports Bar & Grill

SW Bond & Lane: Little Big Burger

SW Lowell & Bond: Frank Wine and Flower

SW Moody & Gaines: Rilassi Coffee House & Tea

CL Line

NW 9th & Lovejoy: Yama Sushi & Sake Bar

2nd & Weidler: Stingray Cafe

NE Grand & Weidler: Devan’s Pub

NE 7th & Halsey: Stanford’s

NE 7th & Holladay: J Cafe

NE MLK & Hoyt: Spirit of 77

NE MLK & Burnside: Rontoms

SE MLK & Stark: Produce Row Cafe

SE MLK & Morrison: La Merde

SE MLK & Taylor: Bunk Bar Water

SE MLK & Hawthorne: Duff’s Garage Bar & Grill

SE MLK & Mill: House Spirits Distillery

SE Water / OMSI: Theory Eatery

SE Grand & Mill: Harvester Brewing Gastropub

SE Grand & Hawthorne: White Owl Social Club

SE Grand & Taylor: Gil’s Speakeasy Tavern

SE Grand & Belmont: Dig A Pony

SE Grand & Stark: Slow Bar

NE Grand & Burnside: B-Side Tavern

NE Grand & Holladay: Red Robin

NE Grand & Multnomah: Charley’s Restaurant & Bar

NE Grand & Broadway: Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant and Bar

NE 2nd & Broadway: Reverend Nat’s Cidery and Public Taproom

NE Broadway & Ross: Upright Brewing