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Where to Boozy Brunch in PDX: A hood-by-hood guide

Boozy brunches pdx
Drew Tyson

There's nothing better than a lazy, booze-filled brunch... except getting a sweet deal on said brunch. But, given all the AM-eating options in this town, and the bad decisions you were probably making the night before, how can you possibly make a good decision about where to drink/eat this weekend? You can check out our hood-by-hood guide to Portland's 40 best Boozy Brunch deals, that's how.

Bunk Downtown
211 SW 6th Ave
The Deal: $3 Miller High Life and $5 egg & cheese breakfast sandwich.

Urban Farmer
525 SW Morrison St
The Deal: The best Benedict in town ($13, but big enough to share) and a rotating Bloody Mary bar!

Clyde Common
1014 SW Stark St
The Deal: Some of the best cocktails in town ($8-10) and definitely the best eggs Benedict. 

Tasty n Alder
580 SW 12th Ave
The Deal: Fantastic Champagne cocktails for $8 and, if you bring enough friends, one of everything ($5-9).

Fat City Cafe
7820 SW Capitol Highway
The Deal: Chicken fried steak AND a biscuit and gravy for $8.

Leaky Roof
1538 SW Jefferson St
The Deal: Consistently inventive daily specials ($11).

Bijou Cafe
132 SW 3rd Ave
The Deal: Get the oyster hash. If you don’t know, now you know. ($15) 

Mother’s Bistro
212 SW Stark St
The Deal: Probably the most popular breakfast in the city. Get there early.

Veritable Quandary
1220 SW 1st Ave
The Deal: The classic outdoor patio is perfect for these Summer mornings.

Sugar Mamas’ Cafe
320 SW Alder St
The Deal: A real family-run restaurant in the heart of Downtown w/ can't-miss cinnamon rolls, and a new booze menu that includes... um, mostly not booze, aka hard ciders.

Boozy brunches pdx
Drew Tyson

1818 NW 23rd Pl
The Deal: The El Nostre Croissant. When in Spain...

Stepping Stone Cafe
2390 NW Quimby St
The Deal: Get the $5.50 mimosas and try their mancake challenge. If you dare.

Olympic Provisions
1632 NW Thurman St
The Deal: The meatiest Bloody Mary in town.

1355 NW Everett St
The Deal: Bacon AND gravy

900 NW 11th Ave
The Deal: Best outdoor seating in the Pearl.

2301 NW Savier St
The Deal: The hottest brunch joint in NW. Get there early.

Saint Honore Bakery
2335 NW Thurman St
The Deal: $10 bottomless mimosas! 

Ken’s Artisan Bakery
338 NW 21st Ave
The Deal: The city’s most popular baker offers scrumptious pastries.

Cafe Nell
1987 NW Kearney St
The Deal: Figure out for yourself if the $20 eggs bBnedict is worth it. Hint: It is.

Irving Street Kitchen
701 NW 13th Ave
The Deal: The most refreshing Bloody Mary, plus some of the best fried breakfast items on the West side of the river.

Tin Shed
1438 NE Alberta St
The Deal: Pint mimosas.

Bunk Alberta
2017 NE Alberta St
The Deal: $2.50 PBR tall boys and $5 egg and cheese on a hard roll.

4057 N Mississippi Ave
The Deal: $5-7 beers and an enormous breakfast biscuit ($7). Killer food. Killer booze. Killer patio.

1538 NE Alberta St
The Deal: 20oz IPAs for $4.

P’s & Q’s Market
1301 NE Dekum St
The Deal: $16 for a carafe of mimosa.

City State Diner
128 NE 28th Ave
The Deal: $4.50 egg and cheese sandwich.

Tasty n Sons
3808 N Williams Ave
The Deal: Come with friends and order one of everything ($5-9). Also a good place to party.

Kerns Kitchen
2935 NE Glisan St
The Deal: Their breakfast burrito with special cheese ($9.50) and the soon to be famous Bloody Mary.

Broder Nord
2240 N Interstate Ave
The Deal: Baked eggs ($11) and a glass of aquavit. Scandinavian delight.

Sloan’s Tavern
36 N Russell St
The Deal: Biscuits and gravy and a BFK.

1615 SE 12th Ave
The Deal: At least two micheladas ($3.25) and the pork belly arepa ($6.50). But, to be honest, this is Venezuelan food you can, and should, order family-style

2239 SE Hawthorne Blvd
The Deal: The 32oz Emergen-C pint to cure all that ails you.

Zell’s Cafe
1300 SE Morrison St
The Deal: Screwdrivers for $6.

Pine State Biscuits
1100 SE Division St
The Deal: $4 biscuit sandwiches.

Woodsman Tavern
4537 SE Division St
The Deal: Bottle-aged Bloody Marys for $9.

Bunk Morrison
621 SE Morrison St
The Deal: $2.50 PBR tall boys and $5 egg and cheese on a hard roll.

2035 SE Cesar Chavez Ave
The Deal: The hottest new spot where you can still get a seat. (For now.)

4100 SE Division St
The Deal: Bloody Marys that’ll knock your socks off (just stay away from the chorizo).

Saint Honore Bakery
3333 SE Division St
The Deal: $10 bottomless mimosas!

2032 SE Clinton St
The Deal: Pastrami hash!