Craft beer on a pier

Next time somebody tells you to take a long walk off the short Shelter Island Pier, just stop halfway and thank them for the fantastic advice, because you'll be at the brand new Fathom Bistro Bait & Tackle, a sea-themed craft beer hideaway with gluttonous eats that may just take you exactly one fathom (or 6ft) under

Similar to a Kardashian's bedroom, one wall's covered with famous seamen (Cousteau, Verne, Zissou) and the whole place is decked out in nautical memorabilia including a series of plaques from submarines once stationed at SD's Ballast Point Sub Station, located just beyond the window.

The owner earned his beer chops managing Hamilton's and co-owning Small Bar/Eleven, so you know the rotating selection of 15 craft drafts will be stocked with legit offerings from locals like Monkey Paw & Societe, alongside celebrated, hard-to-get mainstays like Pliny.

The relatively minimalist menu is comprised mostly of hand-helds like this pulled pork sandwich with house kimchi made “in-your-face” with a triple-dose of fresh garlic/ginger

They'll also be grilling up skin-on, Vienna Beef dogs like the bacon-wrapped World Famous Fathom EXPLODO loaded with pepper jack, mustard, and more of that house-made kimchee

Aside from the Viennas, they'll be stuffing all of their sausages in-house, like this chicken basil with sun-dried tomato number totally obscured by their Polish kapusta (braised cabbage) made with bacon fat, cinnamon, allspice, and apple cider vinegar.