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Craft cocktails for the masses

Probably the least-weird thing to ever come out of Florida, Bailiwick's the re-imagining of a St. Petersberg cocktailery owned by the same crew that aims to make great drinks affordable and -- by purposefully opting for a modern, non-claustrophobic space that doesn't require passwords/ special knowledge/ really sweet neck tats or facial hair -- also accessible. It all starts with the ice, which they'll be hand-chopping from a block so transparent you'd swear it was getting ready to resign from a Senate race. They'll be using said ice to chill 'tails broken into two categories: Standard and Novel, with the former repped by classics like the gin/ Edmond Briottet crème de mure/ fresh fruit-filled “Blackberry Bramble”. The Novel category is actually filled with non-fictional drinks like the Port of Envy with 6 Grapes ruby port, St. Germain elderflower, black walnut bitters, ginger beer, and Angel's Envy bourbon. They're finishing off the Ilegal reposado mezcal/ Salerno blood orange liqueur/ orange/ grapefruit/ agave nectar “Blood & Sand” with a flaming spritz of orange zest....… and sometimes a flaming super-dangerous-amount of orange zest. Keeping things simple, Exec Chef Konstantin Plavnik's rocking a super-reduced menu featuring affordable palate wowers like these oysters grilled in a thyme/sake/jalapeno butter, and served on a bed of 151-fueled fire.