Sausage and beer by the beach

The guys behind the Three’s Company-inspired Regal Beagle must really dig rhymes, because their latest "loveable space that needs your face" is the Regal Seagull in Encinitas, where they’re slinging locally made 1/3lb sausages by the beach, including this Moroccan-style lamb with sauerkraut and peppers

They're steadily rotating 24 craft beers on tap, with only 1-2 kegs of each available at a time, so guzzle as much of your favorite as you can before it's gone and you have to find a new favorite. Actually, that doesn't sound so bad

And if all that favorite-beer-finding wasn't enough, you can taste more brews in their smoked beer sausage, made with Stone Smoked Porter. There are nine different link choices in all that you can top with any combination of grilled peppers, onions, sauerkraut, and cheese

A much better-kept secret than how Suzanne Somers maintains her figure (assuming she's still got that Thighmaster), these off-menu "Beagle Style" tots are covered in spicy Buffalo sauce and bleu cheese

On your ticket, they give you an old-school TV/movie character name that’ll be called out over the loudspeaker when your order is ready, though, hopefully for Chewbacca, they just make Wookiee noises

Pick up your order at the counter, slather it with seven different kinds of mustard (or just, you know, pick one), and park yourself in one of their plush leather chairs. If you opted for extra onions and sauerkraut, it'll be a shocker if anyone wants to keep you company.