A stylish diner from the Hash House folks

Not just a common compliment among syrup makers, Great Maple's a fancied-up '60s diner with a bit of European flair, coming at you from the guys who brought you Hash House a-Go-Go and The Tractor Room

Seating options are plentiful: belly up to the bar, grab a two-top, have a slice of pie at the counter, settle into a booth, or get some air on the patio

Extra touches come in the form of funky retro typewriters, mid-century lighting, Marshall speakers lining the ceiling, and fresh flowers at every table, but not unwelcome butt pinches from the waitstaff

Portobello mushroom fries are dusted with Parmesan and served with pesto aioli

This cast iron crock's filled with creamy polenta, pancetta, and shaved Pecorino, because no one likes cheesy facial hair

Don't worry, the greenery in this Pots and Greens Salad is concealing a zucchini & potato latke, and the fried squash blossom on the side is stuffed with goat cheese

The star of the GM Trio is the 10oz ribeye dripping in a red wine demi-glace

Fish & chips are fried up in a Newcastle batter and sided with caper remoulade and malt vinegar

If for some crazy reason you'd rather go with non-fried fish, this pan-seared Scottish salmon comes with organic succotash and citrus beurre blanc

But what to drink? The Grapes of Gold is made with gin, hothouse cucumber, Noilly Prat vermouth, fresh lemon presse, and fresh frozen golden grape cubes that, by the time you’re drinking up the booze, have also soaked up their fair share of it

This ice-blocked N.S. Wolfhound has whiskey, clove syrup, vanilla & Cointreau Noir, accessorized with a few fired cloves just like those "artistic" girls in high school drama class

Johnny’s Kentucky Spirit is even more pronounced than Ashley Judd's, with bourbon, house-smoked blackberries, and fresh sage

This mascarpone cheesecake is a mainstay on the dessert menu

Or switch it up and try the pie of the day, like this pecan number dusted with powder sugar, because eating just pie is reserved for health nuts.