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73 San Francisco Bars With the NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sundays are back, which more than likely means you need to find an SF bar with DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. Sure, you can watch the local game at home, but you’re a better fan that that.

So that you don’t end up in a Seahawks bar or a Niners bar without game sound (unless that’s your thing, in which case, there are also places for you), here are 73 bars in 24 SF neighborhoods that have the package, beer, and… well, what more do you need?

The Lucky Horseshoe (address and info)
Bernal Heights
This neighborhood bar always puts the 49ers game on the big screen.
Game Sound: Yes.

Hi Tops (address and info)
The Castro
Their tagline is “cold pitchers, hot catchers,” which pretty much sums it up. SF’s first sports bar for the gay community, this place gets legitimately packed on Sundays. Also: bleacher seats!
Game Sound: Yessir, Niners games get first priority, and big games get second priority.

Courtesy of Bus Stop Bar

The Blue Light (address and info)
Cow Hollow
The 19 TVs are angled perfectly so you can watch a bunch of games simultaneously while eating your breakfast burrito, or basket of breakfast tacos, or... both? Yeah, both.
Game Sound: Yes, Niners get priority.
The Brixton (address and info)
Cow Hollow
Two TVs, a big projector, and an extensive brunch menu.
Game Sound: They play it for big games, otherwise expect music.
Bus Stop Bar (address and info)
Cow Hollow
The Bus Stop gets crowded on Sundays for a reason: 20 flatscreen TVs and buckets of beer.
Game Sound: Yes. Always for 49ers games. They also try to accommodate Bengals, Cowboys, and Chiefs fans.

Eastside West Restaurant & Bar (address and info)
Cow Hollow
Lots of TVs, a decent brunch menu, and bottomless mimosas.
Game Sound: Yes.

Final Final Sports Bar (address and info)
Cow Hollow
11 flatscreens. 24 beers on tap. 200 varieties of liquor. $3.50 hot dogs.
Game Sound: Yes. 49ers when they’re playing, and then first come, first served.

Lightning Tavern (address and info)
Cow Hollow
There are plenty of TVs inside… and even more outside on the covered patio. They also serve 60oz pitchers of cocktails and have a pretty extensive food menu.
Game Sound: Not usually, but depends on the crowd and if there’s a big game on.

Mauna Loa Club (address and info)
Cow Hollow
Tiki bar-meets-dive bar-meets-sports bar? Don’t try to figure it out. Just bring cash. When your game’s over, head to the back and play arcade basketball, foosball, Big Buck Hunter, or pool.
Game Sound: Yup. Niners for sure, and if they're not on, they'll take requests, first-come, first-served.

Fog City (address and info)
Though they got a little fancy and dropped the “diner” in the name, Fog City still has flatscreen TVs at the 30-seat bar. And 16 wines on tap, lest you forget it’s not a diner anymore.
Game Sound: They will if it's a Niners game. Beyond that, it depends on what the crowd is like at the bar.

Perry's On the Embarcadero (address and info)
Multiple TVs line the brick walls, so you can grab a table or watch the games from the bar.
Game Sound: Nope.

Pier 23 (address and info)
You can watch the boats sail by at this waterfront classic, or you can do what you came here to do and watch your game.
Game Sound: If there's a big game and people really want it, they'll oblige.

The Original Tommy's Joynt (address and info)
Fillmore/Van Ness & Geary
A tight space with TVs everywhere (including upstairs), Tommy’s Joynt is where you're gonna want to go if you want NFL, beer, and hand-carved sandwiches.
Game Sound: Uh-huh. Niners priority.

Elephant & Castle (address and info)
Financial District
The TVs aren’t huge, but there are lots of them and plenty of seats.
Game Sound: Yup, they'll do it for multiple TVs too, so if you're looking for out-of-market sound, this is a pretty good bet.

The Irish Times (address and info)
Financial District
11 giant screens, an outdoor area, and traditional Irish fare. Yes, please.
Game Sound: Yup, they're happy to put on sound for whatever game you request, and it's a pretty sure bet if the 49ers are playing.

Brick & Beam (address and info)
Fisherman's Wharf
It's inside the Hyatt and definitely a sports bar for tourists, but they actually have a really good layout and eight big TVs.
Game Sound: They’ll bring a speaker to your table.

Players Sports Grill & Arcade (address and info)
Fisherman's Wharf
This place is totally hip and there are never any tourists here. Riiiiight. But it does have 35 HDTVs, and you can call ahead to reserve seating in their Club Room, Luau Lounge, or even at the bar. Oh, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a shot when your team scores.
Game Sound: They do indeed. And for multiple games, too, not just the Niners.

Dobbs Bar (address and info)
Hayes Valley
A legit neighborhood spot, Dobbs Bar has six TVs and a really good brunch menu (hello, chicken & bacon waffle Benedict).
Game Sound: Definitely for Niners games, and if they're not playing, it's first-come, first-served.

The Blackthorn Tavern (address and info)
Inner Sunset
Order a spicy Bloody Mary and ask the bartender for the binder of menus of local places that deliver, or are close enough for pickup.
Game Sound: Yes. Niners get priority.

The Mucky Duck (address and info)
Inner Sunset
Classic Irish dive bar with nine TVs and free popcorn.
Game Sound: Yes. Every TV gets the volume.
Yancy's Saloon (address and info)
Inner Sunset
Comfy living room setting with 14 TVs. Bloody Marys and mimosas are both $4. Cash only.
Game Sound: Yes. The 49ers get priority, followed by the Raiders. After that, it’s whatever the crowd wants (there’s a TV in the front though that gets its own sound).

Danny Coyle's (address and info)
Lower Haight
Danny Coyle’s is sort of a hot-bed for Chargers and Seahawks fans. Nine HDTVs and one big screen.
Game Sound: Surround-sound for the big games, and each individual TV has sound as well.

The Mad Dog In The Fog (address and info)
Lower Haight
12 HDTVs, a projector, a selection of over 150 beers, and cheap bar food.
Game Sound: 49ers take priority, but they’ll try to put sound on a TV for you if they can.
Nickies (address and info)
Lower Haight
Comfy booths, 13 TVs, tasty food, and $5 Bloody Marys.
Game Sound: 49ers get priority. After that, it’s first-come, first-served, or whichever team has the biggest fan base.

Courtesy of Joe Starkey

The Fishbowl Bar & Grill (address and info)
Lower Pacific Heights
No-frills bar with four flatscreens and free Goldfish Crackers.
Game Sound: Not always, but definitely for 49ers games and during the playoffs (you can always ask, though).
Harry's Bar (address and info)
Lower Pacific Heights
The bottomless Bellini’s have a 1.5-hour limit, but they keep ‘em coming. Six TVs along the wall.
Game Sound: Yes! Yes! Yes! Niners priority. After that, it's generally the best game.
San Francisco Athletic Club (address and info)
Lower Pacific Heights
There are 27 HD screens (up to 80in), burgers/dogs, and they’ll bring a bathtub of beer to your booth (just make sure you reserve the booth ahead of time). The booths seat 8-14 people, and have their own dedicated screens and sound.
Game Sound: Yes. It is possible for them to play sound for up to nine different games. The booths have speakers on either side, and there are sound bars that drop down for people sitting at the bar.

Wild Hare (address and info)
Lower Pacific Heights
Wide-open space (by SF standard) with four flat screens in the main room and pancake-wrapped maple sausages on a stick.
Game Sound: Yes, the 49ers and big games get priority.

Campus (address and info)
They only have four flatscreens, but they’re 60in, so you’ll get over it.
Game Sound: Yep! Niners for sure, but if they're not on (and you ask nicely), they'll hook up sound for pretty much any other game.
The Horseshoe Tavern (address and info)
They call themselves the “non-Marina” Marina bar, so if you're scared of the Marina, this bar is a good way to get your feet wet. Six TVs and a low-key vibe.
Game Sound: The jukebox plays unless it’s an important game, or if there are a lot of Niners fans who request sound (challenge, accepted).
The Republic (address and info)
Pair one of their 61 craft brews (including 20 on tap) with a classic brunch made with local ingredients (oh, and bottomless mimosas for $14).
Game Sound: They have five (count 'em) audio zones and the Niners get priority.
Stock In Trade (address and info)
Tons of TVs, bottomless bubbles, and an indoor bocce court in case your team gets blown out.
Game Sound: Yep. Niners priority. After that it's up for grabs.

Elixir (address and info)
There are only four TVs, but they have a “Vodka Salad Bar,” aka Make-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar, so you’ll get over it.
Game Sound: First-come, first-served, BUT majority rules (they’re a Steelers bar and a Niners bar, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those games will get sound).
Giordano Bros. (address and info)
14 flatscreens, and sandwiches you’ll be dreaming about all week (order the one that comes with coleslaw and fries inside). They open at 9am and show games based on who gets there and asks first, but expect almost all of the people getting there first to be Steelers fans.
Game Sound: The Steelers and Niners get priority.
Kilowatt (address and info)
10 HDTVs, 18 beers on tap, and you can bring your pup. Cash only.
Game Sound: Yep, all 10 TVs have their own sound bar, too.

The Phoenix Bar & Irish Gathering House (address and info)
Get there early to grab a spot in front of one of their nine HDTVs, and order the Traditional Irish Breakfast or the Irish Bacon Benedict.
Game Sound: Yes. Get there early to request your game.

Thieves Tavern (address and info)
Flatscreen TVs, plus: a shot of whiskey and a PBR tall boy for $7.
Game Sound: This is where Ravens fans go to watch the game, so they get the sound.

The Dubliner (address and info)
Noe Valley
They have 13 TVs and free Wi-Fi. Get there early and grab one of the booths in the back.
Game Sound: The 49ers get priority (and the jukebox is turned off all day).

The Valley Tavern 24th Street (address and info)
Noe Valley
Almost 30 TVs, 40 beers on tap, a beer garden, and free BBQ all day long on Sundays (leave a tip for the cook!).
Game Sound: Yes, for the 49ers. The team with the most fans gets priority when the Niners aren’t on.

The Boardroom (address and info)
North Beach
The six TVs are on the smaller side, but the bar’s cozy so you’re close enough that it doesn’t matter. Plus, they have bacon-wrapped tater tots AND tater tot poutine.
Game Sound: This is a Niners bar through and through, and they always play the sound.
Kennedy's Irish Pub & Curry House (address and info)
​North Beach
It’s an Irish pub! It’s an Indian restaurant! And they have six TVs and 100 beers!
Game Sound: All of the TVs have their own sound. Boom.

Northstar Cafe (address and info)
​North Beach
Bills in the front; Eagles in the back.
Game Sound: Yes for Bills and Eagles. If they’re not playing, it depends on the bartender and who’s in the bar.
The Red Jack Saloon (address and info)
​North Beach
This is a Boston bar, so expect lots of Patriots fans, though Redskins fans kick it here, too.
Game Sound: New England and Washington games get priority.

The Taco Shop at Underdogs (address and info)
The Outer Sunset
Come for the 10 plasma screens. Stay for the tacos.
Game Sound: Yes, for the Niners and Marquee games.

Blooms Saloon (address and info)
Potrero Hill
Local dive bar that fills up with local fans. Cash only. 
Game Sound: 49ers get priority.
Connecticut Yankee (address and info)
​Potrero Hill
Seven TVs and brunch entrees with names like “The Joe Montana” (scrambled eggs with spinach, ground beef, onions, and mushrooms) and “OJ’S Buffalo Wings” (part of the proceeds will go to help OJ find the real killers). Ask your 'tender about the Ted Williams baseball card in the freezer.
Game Sound: They’ll definitely play it for 49ers and Patriots games, but they usually turn it on for big games as well.

The Abbey Tavern (address and info)
The Richmond District
Two rooms, 13 TVs, and one large screen. They also have Irish coffee and Bloody Mary specials on Sundays.
Game Sound: The Niners get priority, the Seahawks tend to get sound in the back room, and after that, it’s the biggest fan base or the biggest game.
Ireland's 32 (address and info)
The Richmond District
Big, open space with lots of TVs, this place definitely gets crowded during Niners’ games.
Game Sound: Yep, and they're happy to turn the sound on for any of the TVs.
Steins (address and info)
The Richmond District
Watch the game on one of six TVs while enjoying liters of German beer and sausage with sauerkraut.
Game Sound: Priority goes to Bay Area teams. After that, it’s first come, first served.

Greens Sports Bar (address and info)
Russian Hill
A classic SF sports bar, Greens attracts a fun (rowdy) crowd and has more than 20 TVs. They don't serve food (but you can bring it in). Beer specials include $3 drafts of Bud and Shock Top and Bud/Bud Light buckets (six beers) for $18. Get there early if you want a seat.
Game Sound: 49ers always get the sound. After that, sound goes to the best match-up.
Bullitt (address and info)
​Russian Hill
Flatscreen TVs are strategically angled in this long, narrow bar so that everyone can see the game. Plus, they have fried Ho-Hos.
Game Sound: Yes, Niners get priority.
Shanghai Kelly's (address and info)
​Russian Hill
You probably don’t want to come here during a Steelers' game, unless you’re a Steelers fan.
Game Sound: Steelers get priority.

The Chieftan Irish Pub & Restaurant (address and info)
Email them to reserve a space for your group. Lots of Irish food and daily drink specials make the only-four-TVs thing far more bearable.
Game Sound: 49ers priority, up-for-grabs after that.
Jillian's at Metreon (address and info)
A 50ft video wall ensures you can see literally all of the games at the same time.
Game Sound: Sound on the main screen (which Niners have priority on), but they're down to hook up sound on the other TVs, too, if you ask nicely.
Kate O'Briens Irish Pub (address and info)
Four TVs and $5 Bloody Marys and mimosas.
Game Sound: Sadly, no.
Pete's Tavern (address and info)
Pete’s is massive, especially for SF, and has 22 flatscreens, a good food selection (with some healthy options... not that you want those), and a full bar.
Game Sound: Yes. Niners get priority.
Polo Grounds Pub & Grill (address and info)
Plenty of TVs with decently priced food and drinks.
Game Sound: Yup. If there's a game everyone in the bar wants to watch (so... Niners?), they'll turn on the sound.
Public House (address and info)
It’s inside AT&T Park (literally, they have their own turnstile into the park), they have 26 giant TVs, there are tons of local beers, and Traci Des Jardins is a chef and partner.
Game Sound: They only play sound for the 49ers. After that, they play music.

Rumors Sports Lounge (address and info)
Plenty of TVs and a projection screen, this place gets packed on Sundays so call ahead and make a reservation.
Game Sound: Yes sir. Niners get priority. 

Ted's Sports Bar & Grill (address and info)
Tons of TVs and delicious Korean chicken wings. Plus, if you’re lucky, Ted will play Journey during half time.
Game Sound: Yes, for 49ers games.
Zeke's Sports Bar & Grill (address and info)
Low-key and casual, Zeke’s has 20 TVs and decent bar food.
Game Sound: 49ers and Packers get priority.

Ace's Bar (address and info)
Tenderloin/Nob Hill
This New York Giants bar has five flatscreens, Golden Tee, and four, first-come, first-served bleacher seats pulled from Shea and Yankee Stadiums.
Game Sound: NY Giants gets priority.
McTeague's Saloon (address and info)
Tenderloin/Nob Hill
Lots of seating, plenty of TVs, and (occasionally) free BBQ during the games.
Game Sound: Do they ever. The front bar, back bar, and some booths in the back can all get their game sound on.

R Bar (address and info)
Tenderloin/Nob Hill
Great little spot to watch the game. Also: they serve more Fernet than any other bar in North America, so you should order one to help keep the record alive.
Game Sound: Yep, Niners have priority, but this is also a Browns bar, so expect them to get some commentary love when SF's not on.
The Wreck Room (address and info)
Tenderloin/Nob Hill
Lots of flatscreens as well as Pop-A-Shot, shuffleboard, darts, and a pool table.
Game Sound: Niners always, but Wreck Room is also a Jets hang, so they'll get some sound love, too.

Bartlett Hall (address and info)
Union Square
A bar in Union Square that doesn’t feel like it’s in Union Square (that’s a good thing). Large TVs all over, and good food.
Game Sound: Yep, just ask your server and she'll hook it up on the TV closest to you.
Lefty O'Doul's Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge (address and info)
​Union Square
Lefty O’Doul’s has been around since legendary Giants hitter Lefty O’Doul founded the bar in 1958. You’ll actually spot real-life locals in this Union Square bar, as well as 12 TVs, tons of sports memorabilia, and classic breakfast food.
Game Sound: No.
Union Square Sports Bar (address and info)
​Union Square
This bar somehow manages to be both touristy and dive-y, but it also has 27 TVs and a friendly staff.
Game Sound: Yes.

The Kezar Pub (address and info)
​Upper Haight 
Show up early (it gets crowded) and order the wings. There are more than 20 TVs and Eagles fans who sing “Fly, Eagles, Fly” after every Philly TD.
Game Sound: 49ers get priority, but the bar is big enough that they can also put it on individual TVs for groups.
Finnegan's Wake (address and info)
​Upper Haight 
A handful of TVs and a back patio with a ping pong table.
Game Sound: It depends on the bartender, so call ahead and ask.

The Dubliner Bar (address and info)
West Portal
Enjoy the free hot dogs in a bar that is oftentimes fairly empty (which means even a Jaguars fan has a chance of seeing his game).
Game Sound: Yes, 49ers priority.
McCarthy's Irish Bar (address and info)
​West Portal
Six TVs and 14 beers on tap, one of which is Guinness (you’re shocked).
Game Sound: Yep, 49ers get priority, but if they're not on, just ask the bartender and she'll get you set up.
Philosopher's Club (address and info)
​West Portal
This is a real neighborhood bar with tons of friendly, old-school San Franciscans.
Game Sound: Yes, for important games and the Niners.

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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor, and she only goes to NFL bars with sound. #FreeAldon with her on Twitter: @daisy.