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The Abbot's Cellar
Grab beers with real-life beermakers in the Mission

Starting next Friday, AC'll host six beer dinners in seven nights with actual brewers from the likes of FiftyFifty, Sam Adams, and Firestone, finally giving you an opportunity to ask them important questionslike "How frustrating is dry hopping?".

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1. The Abbot's Cellar 742 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

The guys behind MK now have another spot, The Abbot's Cellar, that's right in the heart of The Mission. In a space that expertly balances hardwood floors, banquettes, chairs with stainless steel appliances, and marble tabletops, the chefs are offering up a menu that changes almost daily, inspired by close relationships with farmers and ranchers. Along with amazing food (pork loin, king salmon, and a variety of pasta), this place is super into beer, a fact reflected by a pretty deep menu of brews that come in both glass and bottle form.

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