Southpaw BBQ
Drink whiskey flights, earn free whiskey bottles

From everyone's favorite BBQ joint that pays homage to people who're statistically more likely to die nine years younger comes an awesome new whiskey club that you'll want to join even if you're (gasp!) a righty. Here's how it works:

Register by getting your lady-killing name added to their special club book, which includes all of their 70ish different "working man's" level sippers.

Then, to help speed along the process, try one of their three different whiskey flights, which're discounted and include select trios of browns (please be Graham, Kosar, and Groza, please be Graham, Kosar, and Groza, please be Graham, Kosar, and Groza...) like Craft Small Batch Bourbons and Peated American Single Malts (sigh).

After finishing a shot of forty different whiskeys (not all in one night, you responsible bastard you), they'll buy you an entire bottle of your favorite one (pretty lady handing it to you not necessarily included).

They're constantly going to be working on acquiring new, hard-to-get whiskeys, and rotating the flights, so make sure to drink up (left-handedly, of course).

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1. Southpaw BBQ 2170 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Southpaw BBQ's a smokehouse-cum-brewery run by two guys and a girl (but weirdly, not a pizza place), sporting a Southern-y vibe via growler light fixtures, a live-edge 20-seat Claro walnut bar, antique redwood communals, and a space-time-continuum-altering seven-barrel microbrewing facility.

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