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Southpaw BBQ
Take homebrewing to a whole, better other level

Check out this three-day class where the beer makers at Southpaw will show you how to make sweet, sweet beer love on their seven-barrel system. Day 1 you'll get trained, Day 2 (five days later) you'll brew, Day 3 (24 days later) you'll taste your beer at a release party (w/ your amigos) where you personally get $2 off every pint.

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1. Southpaw BBQ 2170 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Southpaw BBQ's a smokehouse-cum-brewery run by two guys and a girl (but weirdly, not a pizza place), sporting a Southern-y vibe via growler light fixtures, a live-edge 20-seat Claro walnut bar, antique redwood communals, and a space-time-continuum-altering seven-barrel microbrewing facility.

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