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Buffalo sweetbreads and Bourbon Barrel Stout in Lower Haight

It's a story you've probably heard before: two accomplished former Commonwealth, Bar Tartine, and Contigo chefs meet, one of them tries to sell Lou Ferrigno's house, the other buys a bunch of inappropriate-but-hilarious billboards, they listen to several Rush albums together, and then they open Wine Kitchen in Lower Haight.Even though they specifically made the menu booze-first (per Tony La Russa's instructions), the food's actually pretty awesome too, including this romesco broth with soft egg, fingerlings, kale, and grilled bread.They have over 50 bottles of wine (half of which're available by the glass) and four on tap that you can get in a carafe to share... yeahhh, to share... Whatever you do, make sure it involves these sweetbread buffalo "wings" complete with shaved veggies, ranch, and Buffalo Bob's Hot Sauce (likely from Bill's less famous, more corpulent brother).And before you're all, "Wait, do they have beer at this wine bar?", shut up and look at the picture of Anderson Valley Bourbon Barrel Stout, the completion of which'll likely have you telling someone "I love you", man.