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8 Bay Area Brewers on Their (Mostly Disastrous) First Brews

Published On 07/13/2015 Published On 07/13/2015
Jesse Friedman
Jim Woods

We decided to brew at my parents' house the following Friday.

Mark Carpenter

When you turned on the steam injection it sounded just like a giant espresso maker.

Kushal Hall

We got pleasantly buzzed drinking many beers during the process.

Jeremy Marshall

Luckily, this was well before the dawn of Breaking Bad on television.

Dave McLean

Then later in the process, I had some bottles explode in my closet because I used too much priming sugar.

Mike Schnebeck

My auto siphon broke so I was just running a plastic hose from the carboy up on a table down to the floor and filling the bottles with that.

Blaine Landberg
Jesse Friedman