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Maybe the world's first speakeasy that only serves beer

Looking for something awesome to do tonight because Netflix keeps recommending the British version of House of Cards? Head to Speakeasy Tap Room, an inside-the-brewery beer bar that looks sorta like... wait for it... keep waiting... it's totally gonna be worth it... a speakeasy

Obviously, the front door is of the traditional eye-slot-guarded-by-a-large-man-with-scary-eyes variety

Once inside, sit in one of these. But only if you have a claw hand and a cat on your person

Or, just use their cat (but don't actually). It's name is "Kitty". Do not touch her, she's kind of a "Beezy" (actual quote)

Back to the Tap Room: the space is divided into several areas, all using salvaged wood and other items like this table that was originally part of the actual brewery (hopefully a part they no longer need...)

If only you could take this sign with you for whenever somebody starts telling you about their really awesome Etsy shop they use to sell papier-mâché replicas of cool facial hair

You can buy the growlers on that staircase. You can't, however, use that staircase under the growlers: it goes nowhere

Ahhh, push it! Push it real good

... Seems fair enough

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, the brewery is attached and you can call ahead to get a tour pre- or post-Tap Room drinking, depending on how Spacey you wanna be for the walk-through.