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Meet Your New Favorite Impossible-to-Find SF Bar

Published On 03/06/2015 Published On 03/06/2015
Grant Marek/Thrillist

From a couple of dudes who used to tend at Big (RIP), Benjamin Cooper is a new, very, very, very difficult to find boozery inside of the Tendernob's Hotel G that's very, very, very worth finding because, alcohol.

Grant Marek/Thrillist

This is Benjamin Cooper, who isn't actually named Benjamin Cooper, but is one of the owners' Grandfathers. There isn't really a Benjamin Cooper (no matter how hard they'll try to convince you there is), but if you combine their Moms' maiden names and this picture, there kinda is. Inside you'll find a pretty tiny, pretty hardcore industrial space with wall-to-wall-to-ceiling concrete and cold, metal bar stools, plus two even tinier lounge areas on either side of a space-hogging U-shaped bar.

Grant Marek/Thrillist

Unlike Big, it's got an actual menu -- it's date-stamped and some of the cocktails on it will change weekly-ish, just hopefully not including the Salt & Smoke (Islay Scotch, fino Sherry, Benedictine, salted orange-chili oil, and bitters) since, well, it's delicious.

Grant Marek/Thrillist

Did we mention it's got oysters? Because it's got oysters -- $2.50 a pop, and they're all provided by the same guy who stocks Saison's oyster reserves. Did we mention it's also got an off-menu oyster shooter? Because it's got that, too! It's $8, is awesomely dressed, and -- at least this week -- is served with a Scotch sidecar.

Grant Marek/Thrillist

Oh right, and about the whole hard to find thing. So there are two ways to get into Benjamin Cooper: you can enter Hotel G on Geary, make your way inside to the front desk, hit the unmarked staircase behind you, and from the top of the staircase you'll see a door to your right -- take that and you'll make your way into this hallway, which'll eventually lead you to the bar. You can ALSO get in via Mason -- there's an unmarked door there, too, which'll lead you to a staircase with a spray painted stencil of Cooper next to it. Head up it, hang a right, boosh.

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Grant Marek is a Senior Editor at Thrillist and he had two oyster shooters there last night. Follow him on Twitter if you wanna join him for another.

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1. Benjamin Cooper 398 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (The Tenderloin)

This difficult-to-find boozery in the Tendernob's Hotel G is definitely worth finding -- mostly because of its weekly-changing cocktail menu and cheap oysters, all of which are served in a super industrial space with wall-to-wall-to-ceiling concrete and sleek metal bar stools.



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