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The Best Batch Cocktail for Tailgating in San Francisco

Anthony Humphreys/Thrillist

No parking lot bash is complete without a tasty beverage. And no matter what local team you're rooting for, it's worth packing the ingredients to make this killer creation courtesy of San Francisco bartender Tony Devencenzi. The best part? It's perfect for batches, meaning the kind of quantities needed to keep the party going into the 4th quarter and beyond.

Anthony Humphreys/Thrillist

The Golden Spike

Yield: Serves 20

  • 20oz Bulleit Bourbon
  • 10oz Goldschläger
  • 5oz Amaro di Angostura
  • 40oz hot apple cider
  • Lemon wedge garnish
  • Heat apple cider in a stock pot to a light simmer. Turn off heat and add Bulleit, cinnamon Schnapps, and Amaro.
  • Transfer to several large thermos to serve at the tailgate. If you are a decked out tailgater with a crockpot, it is possible to pre batch this all together and then heat it on site to serve.
  • Make sure that you have non plastic cups that can handle the heat. Have lemon wedges cut so that guests can garnish their drinks.