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Time for Bone Marrow Luge Shots, the Latest Off-Menu Offering at Marlowe


What's better than savoring the rich fattiness of perfectly roasted bone marrow? Using the hollow bone after you've scraped it clean to do a shot of Averna Amaro.


At Marlowe, you can first enjoy their Roasted Bone Marrow dish ($14), finished with capers, salsa verde, and fried garlic. Then, if you ask nicely (even though it's totally not on the menu), a bartender will let you place the hollow bone up to your mouth and will use it as a luge for a shot of Averna Amaro, an Italian liqueur with a caramel flavor and bitter finish, to rinse all of the remaining delicious oils and fat down your palate.

The luge shot will run you an additional $9; order it in the dining room or at the bar and watch patrons around you squirm with envy.

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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor and thanks to the bone marrow luge shot, she now knows that dreams really do come true. Follow her on Twitter @daisy.