Food & Drink

Charles Phan's Southern comfort-style iteration

Not just the only explanation for your graceful swan-dive suddenly turning into a belly-flop, Hard Water is also Charles Phan's Bay-facing, Embarcadero-housed bar right down the street from his Bay-facing, Emabarcadero-housed restaurant, complete with a horseshoe-shaped bar and marble galore

Did we mention it's a whiskey bar? Well, it is. These illuminated shelves hold over 150 bottles of whiskey, which is only 149.5 more than you can. You're such a good drinker

In the back is this awesome shaved ice mountain where they house all of their fresh shellfish. And no, you can't eat it directly off the mountain. Aw, shucks

In addition to PILES OF MEAT, you can also expect the likes of fried chicken with pepper jelly, or a sweet onion- & thyme-smothered pork shank, aka what you need if you expect to survive in pig prison

Annnnnnd you can grab sides like fried oysters or collard greens with lardon, also the reason you're wearing a shirt while jumping in the pool

Photo Credit: Hard Water