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SF's First Cat Cafe Opens Today. So We Took Kitten Videos There.

Raising the cat cafe bar of ridiculousness to new heights, KitTea -- SF's first-ever cat cafe (er... "Japanese teahouse + cat adoption lounge") -- works like this: you make a one-hour reservation, which comes with an endless pot of tea, and all the looking at/petting random cats you can handle (which we're guessing is A LOT), and you give them $25 to do it. Twenty-five. Dollars. For a pot of tea. But also cats are there!

Since there's no way you're ever going to waste $25 to drink tea in a cat cafe (because: rent) and neither are we (because: RENT), we went to the FREE media preview to at least take a bunch of Vine videos of the adorable kittens. So here are those!

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Grant Marek is Thrillist's Senior Cities Director and also more of a dog guy. Unleash your cat rage on him on Twitter @grant_marek.