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RSVP for a taste of the good life in a lavish, 19th-century mansion on the Bay

WHAT: Whisky is for guys who choose their own path in life, but absolutely no guy has ever chosen a path that would lead to an auditorium where a know-it-all would lecture him on whisky. So RSVP for the chance to experience an exclusive tasting & self-guided tour through Johnnie Walker's waterfront estate

WHERE: The General's Residence at Fort Mason CenterMarina Blvd, San Francisco, C

Facing the Bay, this newly renovated abode offers up some of the most beautiful views of Alcatraz to be found, though really, any view that isn't "inside Alcatraz" is pretty beautiful

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WHY: Every room is uniquely inspired by one of the many labels of the Walker family, like the sultry, speakeasy-like Red Label bar, or the Blue Label room whose fine offerings'll leave attendees anything but.