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10 more Bad Decision Bars in SF

One of the things that's so great about you is that you're constantly making excellent decisions -- eating kale salads, leaving before last calls, and never going to the 14 Bad Decision Bars we told you about last year, let alone these 10 OTHER Bad Decision Bars, from Delirium to Stock in Trade.


The Mission
The bar is NAMED Delirium for a reason. And that reason is likely the $3 mystery shots you'll be ordering all night. Enough said.

Latin American Club

The Mission
Go ahead, drink the delicious margaritas. Drink alllllll of the delicious margaritas. Just know that you'll likely wake up the next morning with your shoes still on, wearing a Don Julio T-shirt that you have no recollection of acquiring, and rocking a headache so brutal, your only option will be to immediately boozy brunch it away. While still wearing the Don Julio tee, of course.


The Mission
Probably you’ll get someone’s number here. Go out with them later that week. Sleep with them. Let seven years pass. Run into that person. Have no idea it’s them. Have them pull you aside to tell you that you slept together one time. Say, "that’s impossible because I’ve only had one one-night stand and it was with a toooootal weirdo". And then realize that person is, in fact, the total weirdo. The only good decision you'll make will be blaming the whole thing on those damn margaritas at Casanova.


Russian Hill
The fact that Bullitt has Fernet and whiskey on tap will make going there seem like a good decision. Which it is. However, that's also why it's actually a really bad decision. Life is complicated. We know. Mull it over while shoveling their delicious Totchos (tater tot nachos, duh) into your mouth.

Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar

Nob Hill
You should definitely order a Scorpion Bowl, and then steal everyone’s drink umbrellas and put them in your hair. Definitely.

Li Po Cocktail Lounge

Two words: Liar's Dice.

Gold Cane Cocktail Lounge

Upper Haight
If you’re at the diviest dive bar on Haight St, it’s probably time to go home. And by "probably", we mean "go home". Right after you order one of the super-cheap beers.

Any bar in North Beach on a Friday or Saturday night

Um… North Beach
Ahhhh, North Beach on the weekend. The lights are shining, the taxis are honking, and the streets and bars are crowded with Bridge & Tunnel dude-bros, many of whom will be throwing punches well before last call.

Stock in Trade

The Marina
Yes, we're still bitter about the closing of La Barca (RIP), but if someone was going to take over the space, we're glad it was the guys from R Bar. Come for the "aggressively discounted happy hour", stay for the bocce, but just get out of there before it's too late, because, thanks to Stock in Trade's popularity, The Herpes Triangle (Balboa, Eastside West, and formerly-City-Tavern-now-Sabrosa) is now a quadrilateral.

Balboa Cafe

Cow Hollow
You'll probably walk into the Balboa thinking you're just going to order a drink or two and then head elsewhere. Instead, many more than that later, a cougar will have her claws into you and you'll be summoning an Uber to take you back to her place. And you will have a to-go burger with you.

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Daisy Barringer is Thrillist's SF Editor and she has not made any of the bad decisions on this list. Okay, maybe one, but she's not telling which. Unless you ask her nicely on Twitter @daisy.