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Pacifico’s going to take you places

1 in 8 Americans are Californians, which sadly means that 7 in 8 Americans don’t have access to both the United States' highest peak (in the contiguous 48) and lowest valley (in all 50, baby!) -- not to mention Mission burritos, and the right to claim Pacifico as their own, thanks to the intrepid surfers who discovered it down in Mexico back in the ‘70s.Now that beer’s teamed up with Thrillist to celebrate the most soul-elevating stuff California has to offer, from secret beer halls in the sky to the “Human Nest”.
Check out our picks below, and then share your pictures and videos as you drink, chow, hike, surf, or laze your way through California on Get ready, because you’re going to have more fun than Huell Howser watching a dog eat an avocado.