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Pac Heights homebrewers go legit

Published On 02/08/2013 Published On 02/08/2013

The venture of two pals who aren't the dude who played Kirk in the new Star Trek and the crippled quarterback from Friday Night Lights, Pine Street Brewery is a one-time homebrewing operation formerly run outta a dilapidated Pac Heights mansion, now serving thirsty San Franciscans beer guest-brewed at Devil's Canyon in Belmont. Here's the skinny on their debut suds effort

What: Atom Splitter (presumably because no one wanted to drink a "Large Hadron Collider"). It's a citrus-forward pale ale that, much like your leg at a dog park, is aggressively hopped

Where: Available only on draft, PSB's stuff is currently pouring at St. Vincent, Chomp N' Swig, Shotwell's, The Sycamore, and Fishbowl, and they'll be appearing at events like SF Beer Week plus one-offs you can check out online, probably at New Myspace

What's Next: Once Spring... err... slightly-less-cold-Winter rolls around, they'll be unleashing a French Saison that's fruity, musty, and rather appropriately named "Menagerie", and -- even more appropriately -- best enjoyed in a glass.



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